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Stacey Wallace stcy1972 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 23:49:51 EST 2011

Hello (I hope I am submitting this correctly, if not I apologize)

I have been reading about ibogaine for the last year now. I was hoping to be
able to pay for a treatment with tax return money but my car was hit and
totaled and I had to buy one so that idea is sunk. I am not comfortable
going to Mexico so Canada was going to be it. But it would take me too long
to save the money now, at least a couple of years. I am single parent and
have been on Subs since 2005, except for Subs I have been drug free since
November 2005. I have been in counseling for the entire 5 years and really
am ready to be free of the subs. I have tried many times to wean and stop
taking them I just feel so drained and depressed and I never make it past a
week. Only once did I make it 2 months but it was in 2004 and I relapsed
shortly after. I was going about it all the wrong way but I finally did get
it right except I wish i had not stayed on the Subs.

My questions are as follows: Is there anyplace that costs 2k or less? Is
ibogoworld a good place if I were to try home treatment? I have done all the
research, I called and spoke with a place in Canada and Mexico and I wish I
could afford to go that route but there is no way. My daughter is getting
braces and my money has to go towards her. I want to be free of Subs for
many reasons. I know I no longer need them. I have 2 Doctors I see monthly,
one for Subs and one for counseling. They are day and night, and
my Psychiatrist knows about my interest in ibogaine, he actually is open to
it. My other Doctor who is his associate ( he just writes the script)
probably would not agree but he is all about money and where Subs are cash
only visits he makes too much to suggest otherwise.The Psychiatrist on the
other hand really does want to see people helped. When I mentioned it to him
a few months ago he had never heard of it. He would be behind me in it from
what he has researched. He told me he doubted my other Doctor would back me.

 I know I would need to switch for a month to short acting opiate and I will
do that. I am determined to be free of Subs, I am trying something this week
for smoking that someone said worked for opiates as well but I could find
nothing to support this online or otherwise (Chantix) but since i need to
 quit smoking I am going to try for both. I just want to feel normal again
and not have to worry about being on these years and years. Any advice or
help would be greatly appreciated. I am in good health both mind and body so
I really believe Ibogaine would greatly help me. I really felt no hope of
ever getting off of Subs until last year when i first heard about Ibogaine.
The money I would save per year from Co pays and meds alone would be worth
it but it is more than that. I have already spoken to our insurance company
at work and they will not cover anything. Thank you for any help or advice
you can provide.

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