[Ibogaine] Krokodil

Matt S ibogamail at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 11:56:39 EDT 2011

Anyone heard of this before? Apparently its an opiate called 
desomorphine made from codiene in a kitchen chemistry process.


The stories sound a bit sensationalized, for one thing they say it has a 
90 minute high but a month long physical withdrawal which would be 
totally counter to every other opiate in existence. But the youtube 
videos from Russian TV of the damage to addicts bodies is horrendously 
graphic. I've seen an occasional photo of really bad abscesses from 
shooting dope but this stuff looks much, much worse for body tissues. 
Hence the name: crocodile, as in eats you alive.

Even though I live in the US, codeine cough medicine is available over 
the counter where I live. I suppose a sufficiently motivated addict 
could figure out how to extract it from the cough medicine and make this 
stuff. On the other hand this place is pretty much awash in good quality 
heroin from Mexico too so not much real need for it.

Here's the wikipedia entry on desomorphine:

*Desomorphine* (*Dihydrodesoxymorphine*, *Permonid*, also known as 
*Krokodil*) is an opiate analogue invented in 1932 in the United States, 
that is a derivative of morphine, where the 6-hydroxy group has been 
removed and the 7,8 double bond has been saturated. It has sedative and 
analgesic effects, and is around 8 times more potent than morphine.^[1] 
^[2] ^[3] It was used in Switzerland under the brand name Permonid, and 
was described as having a fast onset and a short duration of action, 
with relatively little nausea or respiratory depression compared to 
equivalent doses of morphine. The traditional synthesis of desomorphine 
starts from α-chlorocodide, which is itself obtained by reacting thionyl 
chloride with codeine. By catalytic reduction, α-chlorocodide gives 
dihydrodesoxycodeine, which yields desomorphine on demethylation.^[4] ^[5]

This drug attracted attention in 2010 in Russia due to an upsurge in 
clandestine production, presumably due to its relatively simple 
synthesis from codeine.^[6] The street name in Russia is /krokodil/ 
(crocodile) and it is used as a cheaper alternative to heroin, as 
codeine tablets are available without a prescription. Abuse of home-made 
desomorphine was first reported in eastern Siberia in 2002, but has 
since spread throughout Russia and the neighboring former Soviet 
republics. The drug is easily made from codeine, iodine and red 
phosphorus in a similar process to the manufacture of methamphetamine 
from pseudoephedrine, but desomorphine made this way is highly impure 
and contaminated with various toxic and corrosive byproducts. Since this 
mix is routinely injected immediately with little or no further 
purification, "Krokodil" has become notorious for producing severe 
tissue damage and gangrene, sometimes requiring limb amputation, in 
long-term users.^[7] ^[8]


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