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Griffis, Beau (student) Beau.Griffis at pepperdine.edu
Thu Jun 23 23:33:49 EDT 2011

I think Lex is a good guy, and I think he did his best. But there's still some fact's that cannot be ignored.

1. The only person that knew how to do CPR was Annie, who was a client.
2. They didn't have the proper medical equipment to bring him back.
3. Both me and Annie were there and saw the whole thing go down.

I personally like Lex as a person. However, these are the facts. The guy died and both of us where there. If you don't believe me, I'm sure that I can get together a paper trail of payment sent to their organization for a treatment that was to be preformed by them on or around that date. I bet Annie could do the same thing. Also about the Annie sexual thing, that's impossible, her husband was staying with her there the whole time, I don't think she's stupid enough to start hitting on staff members in front of her husband. Who are you to even speak about this situation. Me and Annie were both there, and you were not. If your trying to say that Lex is a good guy, I agree with you. I like Lex quite a bit, he's a great person. I'm just telling you what happened and with nothing to loose, I'm being completely objective here. No one is saying these are bad people. We're just saying there could of been some preventive measures that could and should of been in place; especially when performing these types of treatments. If anything, we should be praised for making suggestions that could end up saving the lives of future clients to try and discredit the witnesses in this case is completely obnoxious. This is not court, so please stop treating it like it is. We're only here to help improve the quality of service offered by this clinic; that is all. Wow, and I thought that I had seen it all.

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To whom it may concern:
       Let me state for the record first that I am neither a provider
or employee nor an Ibogaine patient, advocate or competitor but
a patient's family member and witness to several treatments given by
Lex  Kogan after he left the facility in Tepotzlan.  Due to my own
unforeseen circumstances I was essentially stranded with Lex for
several days after my brother completed his treatment and was, with
their permission, able to observe his next two patients receive their
treatment.  I would like it noted that Lex’s  behavior was consistently
professional and vigilant to a fault with all three of the treatments I
observed.   He seemed genuinely devoted to helping people free
themselves of the burden of addiction and  expressed tremendous and
appropriate concern for their ongoing health and welfare.
         I would also  like to mention that one of the patients he was
treating during the time I was observing had also been at the facility
in Tepotzlan during the same period as the patient known as “Annie
Clark”.   I believe Annie referred to her in her statement as
follows "I also witnessed the near fatal treatment of a young woman
during my second go around in Tepotzlan."
         The patients name was Brandy and she was suffering from a
previously misdiagnosed severe gallbladder infection which caused
her to become dehydrated and without the benefit of Ibogaine may have
remained masked by her addiction until it ended her life.  This illness
was completely unrelated to her Ibogaine treatment and she returned to
complete her treatment with Lex at a later date which is how I met her.
         During my unplanned stay I spent a great deal of time
chatting with Brandy and one of her favorite subject matters was her
experience in Tepotzlan.  Specifically how a woman named “Annie”
crawled into her room in the middle of the night screaming for a
cigarette lighter and  claiming she had just “broken her leg again
while running down the stairs after stealing a whole bunch of Xanax
 from Ricky's room"  having "tricked him into leaving her alone in
there”.  Brandy also pointed out that Annie never showed any concern
for her condition and  went on to describe Annie Clark as having
displayed inappropriate sexual behavior toward the providers and
employees and offering a constant need to be the center of attention,
using theatrics and hysterics to garner as much attention as possible at any
particular moment.  I don’t feel it is necessary to elaborate further
as this is  a second hand accounting.  I just felt that anyone reading
the allegations pertaining to mistreatment should be aware that the
source may not be credible.

             Suzanne Sonner

On Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 4:54 PM, Curtis Madison <crownofthorns1313 at yahoo.com<mailto:crownofthorns1313 at yahoo.com>> wrote:
It sounds like both you and Beau had a awful time and were present when there was a death at the treatment place that Lex was running. If it was my place I would at the least offer both of you refunds or free re-treatment whenever you wanted it, but I'm not sure what that means since AFAIK you went through that site which has all those TRIPLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! ads all over the place, srry about the upper case but whenever I saw those ads it reminded me of network TV at 3 in the morning when the screaming voice starts selling you ginsu knives and free gifts at a volume that's 5 times higher then the program you were nodded out in front of ;-) From what I understood reading all that is that you can go smoke crack or do up heroin and then go do ibogaine again for free for 3 months or whatnot.
    Don't know anything about the place but their PR was or is kind of crazed and would totally turn me off as a client before I ever called the phone number.
    You're a former patient and so is Beau, you were there, we weren't, so there is not too much to discuss about the facts, because I've no idea what the facts were. The three peeps posting here who were there are you, Beau and Lex AFAIK so that's between all of you.
    The part I'm going to disagree with is bagging on Eric Taub. Taub was around back in 2001 when I joined mindvox the first time back in 2001 or 2002 and he was around back in the early 90's so far as I know. Being around for a long time doesn't make someone a perfect person, but I must say that I have a lot of friends who have been treated by him over the years and even a lot of friends who have never been treated by Taub and they've all had the same treatment, which is help and support before and after doing the ibo itself over the phone, hours long conversations, whatever they needed, re-treatments, all kinds of help.
    I don't think there's one treatment provider who hasn't had former patients come on here and say very negative things about. During the last 2 weeks so far there's been Matt Z. and some client on here and Sara and Paul Nobunni Nobouni? I always get you confused with the angry bunny person from g-mail (what's the deal with bouni, bunni, all the bunny rabbit names? is it some cultural reference I'm missing????).
    I'm willing to accept that your treatment experience and Beau's sucked hard, can't imagine it any other way when some bro is dying at the same time, it's got to have a effect on you.
    The part I'm not so clear on is why Eric Taub is responsible for all of this, I get that you don't like him and feel he owes you money or whatever, but it's not invalidating all the good shit he's done over the years that I do know about. I'm not sure I understand what exactly Eric has to do with your treatment, is it his treatment center? 'Close inspection' of Eric's work over the years with regard to only the peeps I personally know, shows someone who has helped 100s if not 1000s of people over the past 20 years or so.
    With Lex I have no idea at all, because he wasn't around back in the day and know nothing about him really to form any kind of opinion except that you and him disagree about things.

peace out

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Subject: [Ibogaine] Thanks Beau

  It takes balls to take on Taub and Lex.  They've managed to create some "big swinging dick" aura...that doesn't mean that they are competent.  They just got involved in the Ibogaine world at the right time  (when there were not many providers).  Close inspection of their work reveals the truth.  They may have helped some people...by accident--not by intention.

P.S.  I had to change my email address because 'someone' continually was attempting to hack into my mindvox account.  No shit...ever since I made the post about my experience with you know who.

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