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david lishner spiritvine at gmail.com
Mon Dec 26 15:28:09 EST 2011

Hi Everyone, I am new to the list and have been sending many messages to
both the list as well as individual
people. I dont think  It seems though that I have been inconsistent on my
sending technique and only one or two of my less
important ones made it through. Well happy holidays to everyone.

First of all I am in a scary place where I have decided that I want to end
nine years of methadone maintenance and
I'm not sure where to start but I am trying to find someone/provider or
clinic for information for a Ibogaine session. I am
familiar with Ibogaine and did it around ten years ago on my own to
interrupt a mm addiction. At the time I had
read as much as I could find on the subject and ended up on this list and
talking to someone named Pat
a few times on the phone. I got good advice and information and ended up
getting 7 grams of the Indra extract of which
I believe I did a 19mg/kg dose (not sure if that's exact or not). I had it
sent to a friends cabin on Vancouver Island, BC.
which is where I did it and my friend was my guide and that was a pretty
rough experience but I was
able to get off the methadone and was clean for fourteen months. I was on a
120mg of mm at the time I did Ibo
and the first month or so I was very fatigued but I couldn't sleep but a
few hours of broken sleep a night. Slowly I
began to feel better and started to exercise at about two months. Month
after month I continued to improve and
after about 5 months I was able to go to Peru for a month where I continued
my recovery. By the time a year had
passed I was doing well but things (addiction) being what they are I
thought I could do a Vicodin or two here and there and
of course I was being over confident and cocky and I find myself 9 years
later again on MM. Its probably reasonable
to assume that a lot has been learned over the last ten years about
Ibogaine and in the ways to do it and I want to
find someone or a clinic/provider (depending on cost and how far to travel)
to do a session with. I am currently at a point in my life mentally
and physically and I have some time off to hopefully do a session. If I am
unable to find a guide I would at least like to
talk to some people who could again advise me on how to do it. From what I
have been reading it seems that the HCL
is the preferred form to use for a opiate interrupt  but again I would like
some correspondence on the matter. I will leave
it at that for now. I hope everyone has a peaceful holiday

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