[Ibogaine] Treatment and Methylcobalamin/Methyl-B12

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well... do what ever you want.  But I would like to see the research or where you get this infomation.

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Hey sister, one big issue (this is still debated, though I do have 1" 25g luer locks in case I decide to do it) with IM is that it absorbs *too* quickly and is therefore expelled too quickly for benefit.
Local skin reaction, huh, my doctor (yes guys it must be prescribed but this is easy online if you simply look up ALS and methyl b12) has all her patients do sub-q. I had to find out myself that it is also done IM, namely though reading the ALS trials with it as they were given IM, 25mg per day! (a lot) You cannot overdose on methyl b12 by the way as whatever cannot be used by your body is expelled (basically your urine turns red, just like the color of the liquid.)
I've noticed the urine issue at times sub-q, meaning even more rapid absorbtion could make that worse (essentially wasting your b12). Also more rapid absorption means shorter duration of effect obviously. But hey, I might just try IM today and see if I notice significant benefit. The ALS trials I mentioned were all IM, however the preferred place for this is the buttocks.. Not a more simple arm injection.. I know how to do the buttocks IM on myself however have simply never done it and stayed with sub-q for convenience. 
Well, perhaps I'll finally give it a shot! Heh, pun intended.. I have been meaning to do this for awhile anyway for comparison.
By the way guys, it is an essentially painless shot.. In your stomach, that is, almost never bruising and painless to inject (does not sting, etc). Can't obviously speak for IM but perhaps I'll find out..

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