[Ibogaine] Treatment and Methylcobalamin/Methyl-B12

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Fri Dec 16 11:01:14 EST 2011

Is this a secret code?  I am in desperate need of B12 due to malabsorption.
 Could you please elaborate ?

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actually b12 should never be given sq....but I.M.  It has been stop given
sub q few yrs ago due to too many having local reaction.  I always give
those with sub/meth close in hx.

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We all know to have people take calc/mag/zinc and a B-complex vitamin
pre-treatment and post-treatment. However, has anyone ever considered the
use of methylcobalamin, otherwise known as Methyl-B12 post treatment for
fatigue and energy? There is one large caveat to this however, being that
it must be given subcutaneously or intramuscularly, an injection. Perhaps
in a regulated clinical setting this could be effective.. However the most
common way of administering Methyl-B12 is via sub-q aka subcutaneous
injection in the stomach just like insulin, with an insulin syringe. Hmm,
insulin syringe, bad idea... But I have personally found this preparation
to be very effective at treating fatigue in my own case.
Methylcobalamin/Methyl-B12 is different from regular B12 you find in a
vitamin, as once it is administered, the body can immediately use it and
does not need to process it so that it can be used, which is its advantage.


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