[Ibogaine] Benzodiazepines Sedation for Ibogaine

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As a side note: Oh yes the Dutch government is crazy, however not as crazy
as the Swedish government!

Back on topic. Now, it appears a lot of people on here are thinking of IV
VERSED and not ORAL VERSED. Now IV VERSED is indeed out of the question as
mentioned above because going over a certain IV amount, roughly 3mg, can
cause sudden respiratory depression. With oral versed, this is not the case
and it is completely different from the IV versed I myself and many of you
have experienced in the hospital. I have had oral versed at my disposal if
in some strange instance it is needed instead of standard benzos. For
absolutely required benzodiazepine sedation I do prefer clonazepam
(klonopin), or possibly xanax, under almost all circumstances for anxiety
or sleep, but YES you can concurrently sedate (to the minimum needed!)
during a treatment, even during a flood. I had to do this for a person for
96 hours straight who suffered intense anxiety and psychological turmoil to
the point of crying out in agony during the entire 96 hour period. It would
have been inhumane and frankly unethical in my opinion to have done
otherwise. He was sedated with klonopin to the minimum I could manage,
which just about every provider agrees on- if benzos are used, use them at
the absolute minimum.

In my opinion oral 7.5mg versed would be acceptable, increasing to 15mg if
there is no real response. (7.5mg is the lowest dose of oral versed, FYI
everybody). IV however is dangerous because of respiratory depression and I
agree above as one big no-no. However, keep in mind that the strong IV
versed people think of is NOT the oral versed I speak of, which is frankly
very mellow and weak, similar to valium. For all intensive purposes, I
would instead highly recommend klonopin or xanax for sedation which,
orally, I believe are stronger than versed and therefore more effective.

On Sun, Dec 11, 2011 at 9:28 PM, Andrew <sanpedro.69 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> **
> Yeah spot on Jeff,please all check out www.HealthFreedomUsa.org for more
> info.
> Also for anyone detoxing or not...well it is all related, as the "Drug
> War",Big Pharma and Religion all play into this, check out Michael
> Tsarion's site,Listen to some McKenna,Red Ice Radio and many more to
> understand how skewed our teachings have been... and well if you believe in
> the spirit world of Iboga,then one cannot deny there is a Spiritual
> Dimensionality to all things.
> One such platform is where our earthbound souls arise to after the death
> of the Physical Body.A place where all is seen and the true nature of our
> existence is revealed.The one closest in vibration to our shells or
> vessels,our loved ones.
> This may ring true with Iboga patients/therapists??
> On this I cannot comment as I have not experienced Ibogaine,except I feel
> the presence of the Iboga Spirit when I do have REM in the mornings just
> before I awake and have also had meetings with Deities under a natural
> plant medicine in the past.
> Anyone who is interested, here are a couple of links to a site where a man
> named Montague Keen,who was involved ironically as a skeptic during the
> Scole Experiment has been channeling through his wife Veronica since his
> passing to the other side.
> The Scole Experiment <http://www.thescoleexperiment.com/index.htm>
> Monatgue Keen Foundation <http://www.montaguekeen.com/index.html>
> The latest entries are quite profound,but to myself not overly
> surprising.Dig deeper through the readings and you will see him talking
> about the CODEX and the reasons behind it.
> Is it any wonder we are here now collectively looking for a way out of the
> "control grid" ?
> The lies and deceit that lead us one way or another to become dependent on
> addictive substances?...The labels put on people to have them medicated
> only complicating their energy system?...The fixes that are worse than the
> drug of choice?
> Moreover isn't it CRAZY that Ibogaine like Aya,Mesc,LSD,Psilocybin etc are
> classed out of most peoples reach and not employed in modern medicine
> worldwide?
> Not if "they" want to keep us at a low energy vibration and profit from
> our suffering.
> Please let me know if my emails are too far off discussion as I will focus
> on Iboga only here,though I believe everything is connected and all should
> at least be put forth for the sake of understanding,so as to heal from the
> many facets of "addiction",which to me is but the tip of the ice-berg.
> Yes I want to re-set from my current data bank and grow from a 41 year old
> child into an adult.....but into what line of thinking and what kind of a
> world?
> No one deserves to suffer, but one must first understand what suffering is.
> In this we are all Family.
> Cheers 4 now,have faith in yourselves and stay well my friends.
> Andrew...
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> Hi all
> Not sure if you already pointed this out, but this is the best video I
> have found that explains the codex alimentary 'plan' these goddamned
> monsters hatched oh so long ago...http://youtu.be/mTs408Nzl0A
> FF!
> J
> On Sun, Dec 11, 2011 at 4:31 PM, Andrew <sanpedro.69 at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> No problem Edward,a lot of people are mate ;)
>> Spread the word as it is already removing Civil Liberties in the
>> EU...things we here in Aus take for granted like the availability of
>> Vitamins and Minerals OTC...they are classed as "Drugs" under the Codex.
>> Even the once controversial "Colloidal Silver" (one of the most versatile
>> things available IMHO).
>> Cheers
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>>  Interesting to read about the Codex Alimentarius, Andrew.  I was
>>> previously unaware of it.
>>> Thanks for the info.
>>> Peace
>>> ___________________
>>> Edward
>>> edwardw at mtciep.com
>>> On 12/8/2011 9:15 PM, Andrew wrote:
>>>> Codex Alimentarius
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