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David Ray trees.and.rain at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 21:46:18 EST 2011

It's a real pity - the codex started with some good aims - labelling
food so that you know what you're buying, know what nasties have been
added, that sort of thing.  It rose in the time of the "silent
spring", partly to stop the corporates poisoning the world.  Then over
time it started turning into a tool of corporate economics.  They
couldn't de-regulate, so they used their lobbying power to try to
regulate all their competition, the wider world, the small scale
operations.  The idea was to regulate them into oblivion.  Greater
diversity is better, but reduces profits for major corporations.
Corporate economics says all systems should be big and centralised.
But sustainability, and the earth itself, say that systems should be
smaller, more diverse and localised as much as possible.  Monsanto
know that all of their pesticide resistant strains will fail in time
as roundup (pesticide) immune bugs and germs develop, but they don't
seem to care about the horrendous disaster that will occur when a
large percentage of the worlds crops fail at the same time (probably
over a period of a few years, region by region, country by country, as
the bugs spread.  Resistance to monsanto's roundup pesticide is
already being found in some places.). Profit is their god - the ways
of nature are not their concern.  But like the 99% movement, there is
a strong and well informed movement in opposition to the restrictive
and anti-diversity aspects of the codex that are now being proposed.
We need to write informed criticism, though, so that the politicians
hear that there is a strong opinion counter to what they hear from
corporate lobbyists. The global financial crisis has served to
massively increase mistrust of corporate logic, so some good has come
from it.  I think you need to be careful to target the proposed
negative and restrictive changes, though, not the codex itself which
began with good intentions and has good aspects, despite the way it
has developed over time.

On 10/12/2011, Edward W <edwardw at mtciep.com> wrote:
> Interesting to read about the Codex Alimentarius, Andrew.  I was
> previously unaware of it.
> Thanks for the info.
> Peace
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> Edward
> edwardw at mtciep.com
> On 12/8/2011 9:15 PM, Andrew wrote:
>> Codex Alimentarius
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