[Ibogaine] Benzodiazepines Sedation for Ibogaine

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Hello Andrew from Australia,

Good to see you on the list. The naturopath I work with would be happy to help further with the Benzo's. Her link is below and she would be happy to give you advice. Magnesium mineral drink twice a day helps a lot especially if mixed with full spectrum B and fish oils. 

Your right about Clare she is wonder full!. One of the main things about having benzo's in your system when undergoing Iboga/Ibogaine treatment is that it sometimes shuts of the dream state so even though you can have Iboga/Ibogaine with some benzo's in the system I would agree with you that it would be best to be clear of them for what I think in my opinion would be a fuller clearer experience, this is in most cases.

You have come through clear straight to the list. Welcome.




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Hi I'm new here and just subbed recently,so G'day from Aus!

Personally,being in the battle from long-term Benzo addiction with a view to undergo Ibogaine treatment maybe it's safe to take these GABA modulators as a once off.I'm not in the position to do this of course as Xanax-Valium taper is the road I'm currently on.
I need to have zero in my system for Ibo to do it's thing because like Alc there is physical dangers involved.
My personal opinion is that one should just take the Iboga and all that it is meant to be.Not to mask any discomfort as the way I see it,this may very well be a huge part of the healing.
Nobody wants to suffer,but believe me suffering is slowly tapering off Benzo's and that alone has made me stronger through each dose cut and I can't take anything to ease the symptoms or pain other than maybe small doses of Amanita.Heimia and lotus smoked helps.
Kava may work OK too,so might chilli powder,also hot water activated Magnesium plus Calcium is used by Clare Wilkins at Pangea Biomedics,a dear Skype pal who has helped me tremendously.
Look to the natural world.Still trialing Psilocybin Fungi at low dose and it can help,though not sure with Ibogaine as it is a seretonergic.
Not sure if I'm actually in this entire thread/discussion as I'm new to this.
Do I need to sub to a newsgroup or is this an email reply type of discussion where all participants can read?

Thanks in advance.


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> I was wondering, would it be safe to use Kava along with Ibo.  Kava has similar effects to a Benzo.  It looks like Kava potentiates GABAa without effecting dopamine and Serotonin levels.
> Thanks
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> Edward
> edwardw at mtciep.com
> On 12/6/2011 3:44 AM, Sara Glatt wrote:
>>    Valium  10mg or clonazepam 2mg would better then Versed. you do not need sedation during the ibogaine,
>> a muscle relaxer is enough.
>>   versed is just silly to take for anything outside of the hospital setting.  VERY short acting... esp iv though a
>>> wonderful high.  Why not use just valium that actually might do something other then just render someone unconscious
>>> for a few.  Are you really being serious?   If you not doing this yourself and going to have a provider you might want
>>> to share your conscerns with them.
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>>> From: Chris Mallin<cmallin20 at gmail.com>
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>>> Subject: [Ibogaine] Benzodiazepines Sedation for Ibogaine
>>> Dear Sara and the rest of the folks,
>>> I have one final question.
>>> If someone absolutely felt horrible while doing an Ibogaine treatment, as I know I felt (I felt restless, kicking,
>>> just horrible), is it possible to give them benzodiazepines to ease the process. I was told that this can be done, but
>>> I am not referring to just Valium or Ativan for example. I am referring to something stronger, such as Versed
>>> (midazolam), which they give people getting endoscopies for example. It is obviously not meant to put you under
>>> anesthesia, but nevertheless, it does knock you out to a certain extent. So yes, I understand that if you are sedated
>>> like that with Versed, you might not get the whole spiritual/vision experience. However, if someone is doing it purely
>>> for the therapeutic aspect (e.g., resetting tolerance), is it something that can be done to make their "discomfort"
>>> significantly less (again, if they can't tolerate flood doses well). So you give them Versed and it puts them in the
>>> deep sedated mode, and the restlessness
>>>   would stop, etc.
>>> The reason I ask is because although I am not planning on doing Ibogaine now, my friend Ruvi (the tolerance guy) is,
>>> and he also got these type of symptoms as I had (with Ibogaine)  when he took something called a ketamine nasal spray
>>> which the doctor prescribed.
>>> So bottom line, can a strong benzo be given simultaneously with Ibogaine?
>>> Thanks!
>>> Chris
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