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It's not talked about here a lot, but ibogaine can lower your
tolerance/potentiate the opiates you do have.

Sometimes people who are preparing for a flood dose and are on very large
amounts of opiates take ibogaine in smaller doses to step down on the dose
of opes. I say ibogaine, but root bark also works very well, maybe better.

The root bark contains every alkaloid the plant has to offer, including
ibogaine, and the different alks seem to work synergistically.

Great caution should be excercised in this, as there is a risk of overdosing
on the opiates if you bring ibo on board concurrently. That may be
the reason it's not often mentioned.

It seems that cardiac changes may begin to occur at about 400mg of
alkaloids. With that in mind, 200-300mg of alkaloids may be a dose that one
could take and see reduction in need for opiates. If one were closer to
100lbs/ 45kg, one might use around 200mg. If one were closer to 200lbs/90kg,
one might consider 300mg.

This is also a good place to point out that those measurements are for
alkaloids. If one had ibogaine, the milligrams would read straight. 200mg of
ibogaine is equal to 200mg of alkaloids (alkaloid, heh). With root bark,
which is approximately 5-20% alkaloids, the measurements would be very
different. Know Your Medicine. Much commercial bark is 5-7% alkaloids. With
that in mind, you can see that one gram of bark would equal 50-70mg of
alkaloids, and one would need 3-6 grams to reach the 200-300mg of alkaloids
mentioned above. A reputable supplier of root bark will be able to tell you
the strength. I am not suggesting to have a schedule one substance shipped
to the United States. It is fortunate that not all countries have the same
restrictive and ridiculous laws as the USA.

A flood dose is a stellar way to wipe out the addiction, but it's not the
only way to utilize this good plant.

If one were to want to take bark or ibogaine to reduce opiate intake, one
would consider taking this 'booster' dose in the morning, *when one is
feeling definitely sick*, as a *replacement* for the morning dose of

Then, one would wait for the withdrawals to come back, perhaps in a couple
hours, perhaps that afternoon, perhaps the next day, and take the opiates at
that time *at half the regular dose*, for short acting opiates. One could
always add more opiates, in small increments. One may not need to add more.
It's quite individual. Great caution should be excercised when concurrently
using opiates and ibo. I know I said that already. It bears repeating. Ibo
can and has caused death when mixed with opiates.

One would want to take the day off if one were to take that amount of ibo.

There was an excellent article on the mindvox site about 'dirty maintenance'
that I am unable to locate. You may want to look for it.

Kind regards,

On Fri, Apr 22, 2011 at 4:53 AM, Emma <emma04406 at gmail.com> wrote:

> What part of country do you live in?
>   On Fri, Apr 22, 2011 at 7:12 AM, B H <gtc419 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>    Thank you to the couple who wrote to me with some help. Here's what
>> went down over the last couple weeks since I made my first cry for help on
>> this board.
>> I decided to try to try to go through withdrawals at home. I got 5 days
>> off work and was probably going to call out another 2. I made it to the
>> fourth night, then I had to be at the hospital the next morning for surgery
>> for my son, and had to help his mom move for several days after that so that
>> plan ended. The time off work and the fact that this time of year my income
>> lowers a lot for the next few months has left me broke. My tolerance is way
>> up to 150mg to 190mg a day of roxie. I can't afford it and my bills. My
>> street supply of suboxone has dried up. I would try to use sub a couple days
>> a week to save money. It worked at first last year. Now I'm not very
>> successful at taking the sub in the morning and not taking roxie in the
>> afternoon. When I was real high the day before yesterday and my confidence
>> was up I made a plan to try to just skip one day of everything because my
>> cash was so low. I had a scheduled day off yesterday. I had 5 roxies the day
>> before and the withdraws started way way earlier than I had ever experienced
>> before. I couldnt sleep past 2am when I usually sleep till 6am. So the plan
>> to skip a day through sheer willpower fell apart very quickly. However, I
>> couldn't get any pills and freaked the fuck out all day. took my last 4mg of
>> sub I have had stashed away for a couple weeks at 9pm. I tried half at 8pm.
>> That didn't work so I took the rest. I felt glorious relief and fell asleep,
>> but I woke up at 2:30am again and can't sleep. 4mg sub over the past year
>> has always lasted me way way longer, like over 24 hours. I guess it was too
>> many times of sub in the morning and roxie in the afternoon. It's 6:30 am
>> now and my legs won't stop moving. I will find some thing to make it through
>> the weekend as I have to work all weekend to pay my bills on monday. . The
>> withdrawals yesterday really kicked my head in. I felt lower than scum for
>> all the lying and money put up my nose and was in total panic. I need help.
>> I need a plan. My tolerance is too high to keep it going. I feel absolutely
>> trapped. I'm reading this shit about ultra low dose naltrexone to help with
>> high tolerance, but I don't know if and when I could get some. I don't know
>> how anybody has money to see a doctor for anything. I sure don't. I don't
>> have any pain to deal with so it should be easier for me to kick the habit
>> than for some others. As hard as I think it is it's always harder for some
>> others. I should just suck it up and tell the truth to my loved ones and beg
>> for help, but I did that once and it worked for a while, but I was told
>> never again would I be able to put them through that again so I don't see
>> that as an option. When I did the four days straight a couple weeks ago it
>> wasn't so bad. I had klonopins for the first time since I was a teenager. I
>> don't like benzos. I never do them. The klonopins helped a lot until I ran
>> out. I'm looking at 3 plans right now. A one week sub taper with 7-10 days
>> off work, lots of klonopins and I managed to get some trazadone for sleep
>> that I'm saving for any detox. Ibogaine with 5-10 days off work. ultra low
>> dose naltrexone with tapering that I would most surely fail at. I really
>> would like to have the ibogaine treatment because I really really need to
>> quit smoking cigarettes, weed, alchohol and make a lot of other positive
>> changes.
>> Thats all I can write for now. I feel trapped and I want out, I need
>> help.
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