[Ibogaine] Struggling with detox - Reply to Jim Hadey

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lord... where is my spell check. 

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Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] Struggling with detox - Reply to Jim Hadey
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I so agree here Junkboy..  I was on it for a very short time and I suffered for 8 mo before I finally caved and started oxy's.  Nasty drug.... and my most meant to say NEVER DO 32mg   Never more then 2mg for who cares what habit.   I myself... would rather ct from 600 of oxy

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Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] Struggling with detox - Reply to Jim Hadey
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if someone asked me, i would NEVER recommend sub or methadone to anyone who wants to get off of opiates... they are a motherfucker to get off of... the easiest form to get off of is heroin or morphine or codeine or hydro... this is my personal opinion.. i wouldn't get on sub for any reason and would strongly suggest not ever getting on it to anyone who asked me....
its a bitch to get off of.... uggggg........ i used 8mg for several and tapered down to 2mg and getting off that last 2mg was the worst experience.. it was easier to go cold turkey off of 80mg of Oxycontin than get off that 2mg....... 
again, my own experience and opinion. 

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if one is inducted on sub properly.. there is no wd from the sub.  There is NEVER a reason to be on Mg or suboxone.  The only reason MD Rx this amount is for the "keep coming back"  clause.  Going from Meth to sub can be very tricky, from short actings one just needs to be in obvious wd.  More then Light wd.  I went the sub route and very sorry for it.  If on the sub for a very short time it may help lessen the wd, if you become addicted to sub, LOOK OUT.

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Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] Struggling with detox - Reply to Jim Hadey

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It is very nice to see an opiate addict be able to admit they are addicted and not afraid to ask for help.  Many people like you get into it not really knowing how hard it will be to get off or any of that and won't even admit to themselves that they are addicted.  They take these drugs for a while thinking nothing of it and one day try to get off and have no idea what painful withdrawls they are in store for.  Anwyay, you could try suboxone first, they will probably start you off on 32 mg. which is the highest dosage, but you will probably go through about 3 days of pretty bad withdrwal and another couple days of acute withdrawl.  But once you get stable you can start going down in dosage.  For me I went down by 4 mg a month I think, which is pretty slow, you could go down faster if you want.  I would get down to 2mg a day before you try to get off.  Some people have no problem getting off that amount but for me I still had withdrawls that lasted
 4+ days and I eventually gave up, but I would try this first and at least you will get down to a lower level of opiates and from there you have other options like the ibogaine, but you would have to switch to a short-acting opiate first before you take the ibogaine.  
My experience with doctors hasn't gone too well my only options are the methadone clinic, going to a doc for suboxone, or getting pills off the street to try to wein off.  I have been on both methadone and suboxone and both are very very hard to get off of because they stay in your system so long the withdrawls last much longer too.  I decided to get poppy pods and try to wein off of them or maybe switch from the pods to Tramadol and then try to wein off that.  Good luck to you!

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Hi Tom

I guess I am confused, is there something keeping you from doing 
ibogaine?  It sounds like exactly what you need based on what you told 
the oxyabuse folks.


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>   [Ibogaine] Struggling with detox
> Jim Hadey jimhadey3 at yahoo.com 
> <mailto:ibogaine%40mindvox.com?Subject=Re%3A%20%5BIbogaine%5D%20Struggling%20with%20detox&In-Reply-To=%3C73378.15298.qm%40web51302.mail.re2.yahoo.com%3E>
> /Tue Nov 23 09:12:12 EST 2010
> /
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Hi Tom,
> I think someone is making a mistake.  I posted
> to a person who was to do a cold turkey and
> was asking what can you do without Rx meds.
> I told him Imodium for diarrhea, other than that
> it is just suffer.  And a few benzos can help
> somewhat and a few hot showers several
> times a day.  In some people, like me, not using
> opiates can cause severe depression.  I don't
> know what to do for that for I am not a SSRI
> person.
> It is had to say what you can expect from an
> Ibo Experience for each one is different and
> different for each person each time.  Hopefully
> you will only need to go through the Experience
> once. ...schnip...
> ======================================
> Hey Jim.
> Thanks so much for that detailed answer/explanation,
> and thanks for the PRIMER at the end.
> I've several questions for you, but one I'm really curious of,
> and that is: WHAT do you do about the depression?
> I am surely not into the SSRIs either.
> I saw them change my sister's personality so much that she became
> a totally different person and alienated herself from most of the family
> and disowned me and disowned her own father. I crushed him
> and he went to his grave this past March wondering what he did
> to deserve such treatment. She didn't even attend his funeral.
> And of course, he did not do anything.
> She did.
> Or the Paxil did or whatever was the current crap she was taking
> and I know that by me saying that it will frost some of the posters here
> who may be using SSRIs and view them as lifesavers,
> but admittedly, I am really prejudiced against them for seeing just
> what they have the potential to do to some people.
> I will go so far as to call them SOUL KILLERS.
> So, what do you do with the depression, or were you referring to it
> as a past problem, and have currently got it licked?
> Isn't it Dana Beal who is into strongly recommending cannabis
> as a treatment for depression and other symptoms and to advocate
> using it after being treated with iboga?
> Here is a little piece of my experience with narcotics,
> and is part of an answer I just wrote a few days ago
> to the people at: http://www.oxyabusekills.com/
> They appear to be, from what I have read at their site,
> heavily in favor of recommending Suboxone
> as a first line treatment
> for addiction to opiates.
> (part of what I wrote, below)
> I'm not about to be one who 'buries his head in the sand'
> and I need help and am not too proud to ask for it.
> I have taken Oxycontin for almost 10 years for muscle pain
> and by prescription and as directed and have been prescribed
> up to 240 mg a day...
> and while at the beginning it did give me moderate relief,
> it has been years now that it has been a bad dream turned into a 
> nightmare.
> I want OFF! this poison. I would do anything to get off of it.
> I wish I had never heard of it and would now rather to go back to 
> living in pain
> than to take this Oxycontin, because I am Totally Addicted to it.
> I fought even using that word: -addicted- for years, but no more.
> About a month ago, I decided that I was going to try and go cold turkey
> and was going to use the weekend to do it.
> I started Friday night, and by Sunday morning I could not get out of bed
> and I was in the BLACKEST Place I could ever imagine being in.
> I shudder now even getting a glimpse of the memory.
> I could not move and stayed in bed all day Sunday and by Sunday night,
> I broke down and took a dose of Oxycontin.
> So,
> I guess I tested my body to see how bad off I really was as I had not 
> done that up
> to that point, and my test results were awful, when I unmasked, Only 
> Briefly,
> from the Oxycontin.
> I told my doctor of this, and it was my primary care doc who prescribed me
> all this Oxycontin over the years and not a Pain Specialist
> and I have learned and heard this is a big mistake.
> With evidently your considerable experience in this field and you passion
> for helping your fellowman to be freed from the iron shackles of this 
> poison drug
> I thought it was worth an email to to as briefly as possible tell you 
> of my experience
> and see if maybe you could offer a few tips on how I can climb out of 
> this Deep Black Hole.
> I am 59 year old male, never married, no family and lost my 88 year 
> old Dad back in March
> who was my best friend in the world and basically, I have got no one 
> to turn to or help me
> or provide the semblance of a support system.
> So, just from that short bio, you can probably tell I'm up the 
> proverbial creek with no paddle.
> My 'cold turkey' experiment screamed to me that
> I am disabled and have been for over 30 years, but only 8 years, 
> officially,
> so have little in the way of resources and am on Medicare and Medicaid
> and from the research I have done on the internet in the last several 
> weeks,
> I can perceive that there are not a lot of options out there for a 
> person like myself
> to detox from this terrible drug.
> I almost would have to be an Inpatient to do it.
> I don't think I could do it as an Outpatient with no support system.
> I don't even have a dog or other pet. ha!
> I'm thinking that I cannot do this by myself.
> I just can't.
> Complicating this addiction is recently being diagnosed with Narcotic 
> Bowel Syndrome,
> and you probably know what that is and how Oxycontin contributes to 
> that...
> I just can hardly go to the bathroom, and have been bloated for weeks now
> and have to find a way to get my bowels working again like they should
> and I don't know if I should or even could do something before I 
> attempted a detox,
> or if I should do the detox anyway and look to that as being the prime 
> help
> for restoring normal bowel function.
> I am just miserable.
> That is the best way I can sum this testimonial up.
> I would sue this pharmaceutical company if I could, and I have never 
> sued anyone
> in my life of just short of six decades. No one at that pharmaceutical 
> corporation
> warned me or others what we were in store for by using their GD pills.
> I went for many years with taking NOTHING for pain for being so leery 
> of narcotics
> and now look where I am. If I was just given a heads up about Narcotic 
> Bowel,
> I would probably have elected to decline the Oxycontin prescription.
> Do you have any suggestions for me?
> Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
> In my earlier life, that brief period when I had reasonably good health,
> I was firmly in the camp of Service To Others and had hoped
> that one day, if I should need help, all those good seeds
> I was sowing back then, could be reaped
> if ever I should need some life sustaining wheat.
> (end of my email to the Oxyabuse folks)
> Today is Thankgiving
> and I have to admit that there is very little for which I am thankful.
> (A Round of Bummers for Everyone, ...On Me!!)
> Tom
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