[Ibogaine] Any Schedule II physicians out there?

Jim Hadey jimhadey3 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 21 10:32:32 EDT 2010

Hi Capn,

Yea, you can find some decent dr in FL.  What you got to watch 
out for are the pharmacist.  If you go to one dr and get Lortab
and then get some from another dr they will call and rat your
ass out in a minute.  But I guess you have heard that before.
There is a good dr in Hollywood right by the Indian Reservation.
Always ask nicely for a refill, don't know why the other guys
didn't.  I don't think they write for schedule II.  That was 10 years
or so ago.  It saved my ass - you won't really get high but you'll
get by.

Look at it from a dr point of view - he's making a good living
getting $100 or more pervisit, no problem just your back hurts
and you need a little Restoril to sleep, now why should he take
time off work to learn a new method to stop addiction and put
him self out of business?  That beats the hell out of met clinics,
you don't have to take urines, go to meetings and if you should
have a cold or something wrong with you the dr will treat that
also - not a bad deal.  But you better have the money - no 
cash - no service.

When Ibo is legalized they will be dr that will deal with it and
help people.  Right now in a far away land in the tropics or
sub tropics is a dr that will treat ya, all you need in 15K and
air fair.  All I can say is get a job with insurance if possible.

As far as FDA, oh how I hate to say this.  For something like
this we need Rumsfield - Honest.  He's the one who pushed
aspertaine  through the FDA the chemical sugar like Splendor.
See, Rummey says what the out come should be before they
even do the sudies.  If Rummey says it's good it's good and 
the results will show it.  But I got a feeling he won't do it for the
addicts - he's not all that nice of a guy, although I have never 
met him.

Best to ya,

  - JIM 

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Subject: [Ibogaine] Any Schedule II physicians out there?
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After learning of the DEA's reclassification of Ibogaine from Schedule I to Schedule II,  I contacted several physicians who 'specialize' in drug addiction recoveries in south Florida. I simply asked whether they would write a prescription for Ibogaine HCL. Neither had any knowledge of the drug. The first attempted to promote Suboxone as a proven treament, calling Ibo  'dubious and experimental' . The second said that the Ibo would have to come through an FDA approval which will take many years of study before it reaches the pharmicies.
I think both responses were made out of complete ignorance. I explained to both ' If you will write a prescription I will find a pharmacy to fill it," Both refused. 
So will the reader help a guy out who knows nothing about legal and illegal drugs. If Ibogaine HCL is now a Schedule II drug, why can't a Schedule II physician prescribe it, and leave it up to the patient to find a supplier?
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