[Ibogaine] those "stinkin" rooms.lol!

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Sun Mar 7 04:46:37 EST 2010

Community and real living friends you can build close relationships
with are still really important and can be found in those meetings.
Not everyone there is completely indoctrinated into those laminated
cliches you see on the face of the meetings!  Just search around...
One thing is true, we don't heal well alone!

On 3/6/10, sv <shilohver at shaw.ca> wrote:
> hey all....finally after weeks of trying to get to an NA meeting we finally
> made it. Oh no i thought, just minutes into it...now i remember why i left.
> I hate/detest those stereotypical phrases that are still apparently being
> regurgitated in those stinkin (just kiddin) rooms. First it was....You're
> never given any more that you can handle....oh yeah right...so buddy who
> just comitted suicide was what? not handling his pain properly?  and the
> boring renditions of life either clean or worse.....and the almost constant
> references to a higher power or god directing their lives, never taking
> personal resonsibility for anything. i told my hubby that i was wrong. I
> actually can't go to these meetings and hear this shit and not say something
> that would probably upset them. I say "what about CODA"? He says, shiloh
> those people are crazy. So he suggests we try to go to an alanon mtg. He has
> never been to alanon (i have).
> i am not very hopeful about this but we'll try i guess. The good thing is
> that he is getting steadily better. I have been tracking his mental health
> and he has gone from severely depressed to moderate and this week i think it
> has improved at least a further 10%.
> on another note. I have a family member who is in her 90's. she has glaucoma
> and i informed her that cannabis is a successful treatment. She has agreed
> to attempt to stop the degeneration. Do any of you know approximately how
> much one should take? I have done some research and am going to make some
> brownies/cookies b/c the person has never smoked in her life so smoking will
> be hard. also i heard that using a vaporiser will only  deliver 5
> canibinoids while smoking delivers 111. Any helpful links or information
> will be appreciated. We are going to our doctor next week to see if we can
> get my relative a license to use medical cannabis.The place i live is pretty
> conservative and apparently there is only one doctor who does it. Our city
> has a pop of 90,000. it makes me furious that a doctor wouldn't have told
> her about this a year ago. And to have my relative go and ask this doctor
> who refused and refused to tell the name of the doctor that does it. 90
> years old for fucks sake. its heart wrenching to see someone that age
> obviously scared to go blind. What is wrong with people?
> -Shiloh

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