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Tue Jul 6 17:44:22 EDT 2010

I just gotta say something in regard to treatment of Hep C. We do not know if Ibogaine cures Hep C. We do know that Combo Therapy does. I discovered that I had Hep C in 1995. My doctor at the time (bless her) sent me to the best specialist in Canada who was doing interferon treatments in mass studies. In 2 weeks my PCR came back negative for any viral particles. I chose to continue the therapy for the entire 12 month period and consequently cleared the virus. My partner's viral load dropped with the interferon treatment but did not disappear. He was later switched to the combo therapy but it did not work for him. My best friend did the combo therapy (regular interferon and ribovarin) for 30 months and within a week of ending it he knew he had the HepC back. He then contacted a pharmaceutical company and was sent consensus interferon that he used along with the ribovarin for a further 3 months. It cured him. I have met many people who are afraid of doing the therapy for many different reasons. I always try to encourage them to try it. It is the only known cure available. I will also add that you can live with active Hep C for many years but by the age of 50+ your liver may have been damaged beyond repair. That was the case for my sister in law who didn't want anyone to know that she had Hep C, refused to go to the doctor until it was too late and who died at the age of 50 from complications from advanced liver disease. Liver function tests are NOT definitive about the state of your liver. The only way you can really know the state of your liver is with a biopsy. Although i underwent a biopsy, I do not recommend anyone doing one. Today i would say no thanks. But then i was being pressured by my doctor as it is one of the standards for subsidy. A liver biopsy is no use for anyone except for study stats. I will also say that I had very little in the way of problems with the interferon. I did have hair loss which was not very noticeable. I maintained a daily intensive gym program which may have helped. I also continued with my university program. My best friend after he was on the therapy for over 24 months did experience a bit of pychosis but he continued working daily and also went to the gym. I heard of one person who actually went psychotic and had to be taken off the interferon. Unfortunately he died from liver failure in 2 years. Most people i have known do not experience any real difficulties with the therapy. But it seems the ones that do have difficulties are the ones that people point to as examples of how horrible the therapy is. I just want to emphasize to people that there are many of us who did not have adverse reactions to interferon AND have subsequently cleared the virus. It is worth trying!  It IS a matter of life or death for many who have contracted Hep C. If i had not cleared the virus with the interferon therapy, i would be the first to try Ibogaine. 
I can understand people trying other modes of treatment if the standard one isn't working...but to avoid the interferon treatment in favor of nothing or a hope that something else may work is beyond me. I keep seeing Debbie lying in her hospital bed, unconscious already, with her son, daughter and new grandbaby beside her....dying for fucking nothing....because she was too ashamed to admit that she had Hep C.

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