[Ibogaine] My report/story revisited

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Sun Feb 28 16:13:21 EST 2010

The midwives say: each one, teach one.

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On Feb 18, 2010, at 4:29 PM, sara1spm at xs4all.nl wrote:

> Sis,
> if you wish to become a provider please contact me off list.
> here is not taboo and everyone with a good will is welcome.
> I`m a Ibo. provider since 1999 and, have work alone without RN or CC
> experience.
> take care,
> Sara Glatt
> I am sorta surprised how some want to keep the Providers down to a
>> miminal..... I have offered to work for free and didn't get a  
>> bite....
>> Will try more clinics to see if I could be used... I would think a  
>> RN with
>> CC experience that can read a EKG would be wanted...  Will keep  
>> asking
>> though
>> ________________________________
>> From: cal que <calaquendi420 at gmail.com>
>> To: The Ibogaine List <ibogaine at mindvox.com>
>> Sent: Wed, February 17, 2010 6:58:00 PM
>> Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] My report/story revisited
>> You are right on Randy...
>> I feel and share your enthusiasm about this. I have treated only a  
>> few
>> people - and actually have treated myself several times (with all the
>> appropriations) reading your post made me dig out notes from after my
>> first flood experience. I had given much thought to how I would  
>> like to go
>> about giving treatments and what that would 'look like' from both  
>> ends,
>> the treater and the treated. I thought I'd enclose some notes:
>> NECESSARY- EKG and maybe a liver panel, but I think cardiac health  
>> is more
>> immediate. People with HepC have been successfully treated and I  
>> think as
>> long as they are asymptomatic it would be safe. I'm not a doctor so I
>> can't know for certain but I still think this stuff is much safer  
>> than
>> given credit for. It's been demonized...
>> IDEAL- A drug screen would be a great idea... there are very  
>> accurate UA
>> tests available at drugstores, or even a blood serum test to show  
>> exactly
>> what someone is on and how much. I think many addicts exclude RX's   
>> as
>> they don't see them as part of the problem.When referring to  
>> prescriptions
>> I'm especially concerned with antidepressants of the tricyclic  
>> family.
>> Many are MAOIS.
>> Psychological profile/exam - this is an undervalued area (it seems) A
>> junkie is desperate...NO ONE comes to iboga whistling dixie. A sick  
>> person
>> is difficult to trust with information. They may have memory issues,
>> suicidal tendencies - and almost certainly clinical depression.  
>> This makes
>> accurate data gatehering almost impossible if one relies solely on a
>> patent's testimony: many don't realize how sick they really are -  
>> many lie
>> to cover personal shame regarding important health matters (disease  
>> for
>> instance) Signing a disclaimer is one thing but it's not a  
>> prophylactic
>> for trouble. We can do better -by having as thorough a physical as
>> possible and (at least) a brief, professional psychological exam.  
>> This
>> woud also aid in drawing the participant into the experience. Give a
>> better sense of safety and confidence. Maybe wash some important and
>> hitherto unknown issues to the surface. Any help in this regard would
>> serve volumes in the ibo exp.
>> These ideas alone could mitigate mortality in ibogaine use. Fasting,
>> abstinence, psyche exam and (wherever possible) counseling applied to
>> session could really cut some risks..
>> If nothing else it (psyche exam) may unfortunately exclude a small
>> population from immediately jumping in to this. A close watch on any
>> physical symptoms and/or psychological/spiritual manifestations for  
>> a week
>> or so prior to treatment along with attention to diet, meditation,
>> prayer...Give oneself the best chance at safe and effective  
>> recovery. This
>> is BIG MEDICINE, and should be taken as such.
>> Just some thoughts. Thanks for the great posts man, very honest  
>> stuff. I
>> have some real good protocol notes I'd like to share later but I'm  
>> tired
>> of typing now. Be well my friends, Ken
>> On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 5:34 AM, Randy Faulconer <bicuitboy714 at gmail.com 
>> >
>> wrote:
>>      I went to NYC to meet Krista today. I had to go. I was dead  
>> tired but
>> I had to go. I had to see that sweet face that I knew that she had  
>> just by
>> talking with her for over a year on the phone and internet. I  
>> hadn't slept
>> since the night before at about 9 when I did the rest of my HCL. It  
>> was
>> soooooooooo worth it. She is forever to be the princess of my  
>> heart. The
>> daughter I never had. I love you grrrrrl, you know that!!! How bout  
>> that
>> harmonica hey?? Practice babe, loosen your lips up some and it will  
>> come,
>> I promise.
>>>        I got all the sleep I'll be getting tonight already so here  
>>> ya go.
>>>       Anyway when there at Dana's we were discussing my treatment of
>>> course. A lot of my friends were there. I missed seing Preston and
>>> Patrick and a few others but mostly they were there. It was way  
>>> cool.
>>> I'll never forget it. While we were talking about it , it hit me  
>>> that
>>> there was symbolism with Howards death and seeing Christ on the  
>>> cross. I
>>> mean Howard got run through the ringer by the most unscrupulous B  
>>> that
>>> ever walked if you ask me. And to me Howard was almost holy. Most  
>>> Holy.
>>> He was kind, gentle, soft spoken, waayy intelligent, and never  
>>> lacked for
>>> the right word at the right time to make  a person see the best  
>>> way to go
>>> about helping themselves. There will never be another like him. I  
>>> wish I
>>> could do something to further the cause for Norma. (I'm thinkin'  
>>> Norma,
>>> give me a minute or two) She deserves compensation for the money  
>>> Howard
>>> put (with Dana's help I might add) to get research started and  
>>> things in
>>> the air so to speak. And so
>> much more that he did. Freely. He wasn't out to dick people for as  
>> much
>> as he could get, he just wanted to recoop his research efforts that  
>> were
>> in my opinion stolen from him in some ways. Though before he died  
>> he put
>> it out for free anyway.
>>>           I still think that one of the things that we should do  
>>> is train
>>> more providers. Everybody that can do a treatment needs to train  
>>> somebody
>>> else to do a treatment, and so on down the line. We could double the
>>> amount of providers this year if we tried, maybe triple. I say we
>>> thinking that some of you are with me on this. (Can I get an  
>>> Amen??) I
>>> can't be the only person getting Emails on how to help and get  
>>> started
>>> doing treatments. It's not that hard. And at first you have to be  
>>> on the
>>> phone with them. Walk them through the first interview, the whole 9
>>> yards. EKG, blood work, everything. It will cost you in cell time,  
>>> BUT IT
>>> IS WORTH IT. Buy a cheap ass cell phone you can just smash if need
>>> be.I've done It a few times. The best way is to be there for the  
>>> first
>>> few treatments, but that is not always practicable. Sometimes you  
>>> get
>>> people like my son and (and this other grrl) who are just naturals  
>>> if you
>>> ask me. There were a few calls
>> at first at the start of the treaments and some wierd things came  
>> up I
>> had to help calm down, but now I get a call saying I'm starting and  
>> then
>> a call about 3 days later talking about how cool it is to see  
>> somebody do
>> that. It has to be seen to be believed. Randy kept better records  
>> then I
>> do. "course it was his dad and he didn't wanna screw this up. He's  
>> part
>> of the troops now. (tongue stuck out at those who are glaring at me  
>> right
>> now.) You know who you are.
>>>           We are going south to Kentucky today to start the new  
>>> push. I
>>> won't shut up and some people will get helped. I have a lot to do  
>>> for
>>> myself first but that's where the troops come in. I am planning more
>>> therapy and anti depressents. He treats until I'm ready, then we  
>>> take
>>> turns or however it works out. Maybe we shouldn't talk openly  
>>> about this
>>> but, WTF, they can kill me but they can't eat me, I'm poison.
>>>         With that I'll go. Thanx for listening, it's good to be  
>>> writing
>>> with feeling and without having to think too much about what I am  
>>> going
>>> to say. Freedom from anger is a beautiful thing. Should have done  
>>> that a
>>> long time ago. That reminds me of when I was first treated. I was  
>>> deemed
>>> wrong for Ibogaine     (I wanted to start helping just as soon as  
>>> the
>>> trails were gone, maybe sooner) mainly (IMHO) for shooting the  
>>> racoon
>>> that was killing my mothers Guinea hens about 2 a night. (there  
>>> were a
>>> few other things too, but they could have told me that before I  
>>> trained
>>> for a year and a half and came away angry and felt defeated. (my  
>>> thoughts
>>> anyway) I'm glad it happened now, really. We were down from 30 to  
>>> about
>>> 14. I saw the tears in my Momma's eye's about her Miss Fancy  
>>> (favorite)
>>> guinea and I lost it. Walked right into the woods and not 5  
>>> minutes later
>>> it walked right up to me not knowing I was there. Had to do it. I  
>>> grew up
>>> on farm in
>> Kentucky. We had to take care of our own. Hell, the Sheriff was at  
>> least
>> 45 minutes away when I was growing up there. We had to know how to  
>> defend
>> ourselves. Besides. Some of the Mullikins that died right there on  
>> that
>> farm fought in American Revolution. Our rifles were tools. and we  
>> used
>> them sparingly. We still have the Flinlock made in Penn. State, and  
>> the
>> percussion gun made around 1845. Not a single shooting ever in out
>> family. Not that didn't need shooting anyway.
>>>           My tirade on Gun Control is over now, you can breath  
>>> normal
>>> again. Sorry.
>>>          PS help me come up with a questionaire on asking pertinent
>>> questions a provider should know. A test so to speak. Couldn't  
>>> hurt could
>>> it?? And wouldn't it be cool if we had a sheet of paper to hand to  
>>> an
>>> ambulance driver in case one is called to an Ibo treatment?? Not all
>>> Doctors even know what the fuck Ibogaine is, much less what to do  
>>> and not
>>> do. Just the basics about opiates and the heart probs. Things like  
>>> that
>>> that smarter people then me can come up with if you all will help  
>>> me.
>>> Look..............I'll make it up to ya. Soon as I get some stuff
>>> recorded down home I'll put at least 2 maybe 3 songs on here for  
>>> free.
>>> OK?? I can't wait, my son is a cuputer whizz bang buck if I ever  
>>> saw one.
>>> The stories will be on the Mindvox site soon. Won't that be cool??
>>>         Randy is going to help me straighten out my facebook  
>>> account and
>>> I'll answer all of the friend requests, I promise. We are going to  
>>> start
>>> a Blues kinda whacked out Ibo web site too. Idea's anybody??
>>>          I'll be back
>>>              Much Love
>>>                     Randy
>>>                          BiscuitBoy tirades
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