[Ibogaine] Testing again (are my emails all coming through?)...

Jennifer Santos jsantos at persephonebirthways.com
Sun Feb 28 15:26:12 EST 2010

List has been wonky for me too, I've been catching up on a few threads  
when someone replies and I see all the emails I never got that came  
before the one I'm reading. :)

Jennifer Santos, BBB, CD (DONA)
Persephone Birthways
jsantos at persphonebirthways.com

On Feb 28, 2010, at 11:28 AM, Helpful Hopeful wrote:

> Yesterday I sent about 4-5 emails to the list, including the updated  
> extraction, with extra added details, better terminology, added  
> purification notes, and the total list of supplies, but only one of  
> my emails went through.  They all show in my sent box, but have  
> never showed up on the list, in my inbox, as of today.  I resent it  
> even one or two more times, and still it hasn't shown up.
> I will resend it today if it still doesn't show up.  If anyone on  
> the list did get the updated extraction version I sent at least 2-3  
> times yesterday, please let me know, as I just got one email that  
> was replied to yesterday, today, meaning that I read someone's reply  
> to an email sent yesterday, that just showed up today.  Or in other  
> words, I am getting them out of order or even a day late and some  
> (mine) not at all.
> Not sure why they didn't come through, or if any of them did, why  
> they are not showing in my inbox, cause I did receive a couple  
> emails today, about the conference, but still haven't gotten the  
> updated extraction through after at least 3 attempts..
> Anyone know what's up?
> Thanks,
> HH
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