[Ibogaine] Updated extracton of Iboga alkaloids from rootbark, with added measurements..(Chris?)

Helpful Hopeful helpful_hopeful at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 22 11:03:08 EST 2010

Once again, thanks for making it even simpler!  Kudos to you!  

Well, as soon as I am making a good living and have some extra cash, I will purchase as many kilos of the best quality bark that I can.  With all this info, including some limited experience, I will perfect the easiest method, with the best yield, and most pure TAA possible, for those who want to get the full alkaloid range of Iboga, without any bit of plant material whatsoever.  

Then, I'll just have to talk to a few friends and figure out a way to get maybe 250-500 mg pressed capsules/pills, of this (P)TAA, in a standardized measurement, in the salt form, so that maybe providers who'd choose to use the full standardized (P)TAA extract, for whatever reason, it could be a very good service.  

Of course, this will require me to move to somewhere where this could all be legal, but could be very similar to the kind of standardized plant extract that was being discussed on the last day of the ibo conference (for Canada, I think by Sandra Karpetas?).  In the context of making it an herbal or homeopathic herb, rather than a medicine or drug, it could fall into that natural supplement category, and be standardized, and would fit the perfect criteria for getting a full range of iboga alkaloids, in the purest form possible.  

Maybe I am just dreaming, but it sure would be cool if that could all be worked out.  At least maybe I can be on the cutting edge of the transformation!  LOL, wishful thinking, I suppose...

Anyways, thanks again for everything, and if/when I can afford more bark I will do a lot more practicing and working on making it easier, as well as more efficient (although, you seem to have really worked out most of the best and most logical details, since you are the trained chemist, and I am only self studied, with no formal classes, ever :-P).



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> Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] Updated extracton of Iboga alkaloids from rootbark, with added measurements..(Chris?)
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> On Sun, 21 Feb 2010, Helpful Hopeful wrote:
> > Quote: "didn't know this would work. Huh. I figured
> the increased percentage of water would prevent further
> precipitation"
> > 
> > There is also the option of gassing, which will
> eliminate the water, as long as you bubble it through a
> desiccant, to remove the water vapor that comes through, but
> it seems like it may be a lot more complicated for the
> average kitchen chemist.
>   I tried something similar last October. I took a
> portion of the acetone that would have been used in the
> extraction of the TA and added the proper amount of HCl
> solution to it (determined by previous runs) and then dried
> the solution with anhydrous calcium sulfate. The dried
> solution of HCl in acetone was then used to acidify the
> acetone extract of TA. The yield was 38% of PTA HCl from TA,
> compared with an average yield of 37% for the previous nine
> runs, so there was no significant improvement by removing
> the water. Also, if you are trying to make TAA, you
> shouldn't have to be so careful with the measurements of
> acetone and HCl, as long as you use enough acetone to
> extract the TA completely, and enough HCl to acidify the
> extract. Instead of filtering out the PTA HCl you could just
> evaporate the acetone and continue as usual in making RA,
> which is this case would give homogenious TAA base.
>   Yours,
>     Chris
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