[Ibogaine] From Randy:

Jim Hadey jimhadey3 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 22 09:10:58 EST 2010

Hi HH,

I believe you doing  your 20gm of powder and 30 mg MS per
day.  You say you take the MS once a day - the MS is apx.
a 12 hr slow release pill. You may take it once a day but
after 12 hours you lose 1/2 of it so then the next 12 hours your
body is a little low - just enough to cause depression and
being very lazy with no energy at all.  It may work better if
you took your MS every 12 hours for a more steady ride
so to speak.  Now,  just for the first day I would take 30mg
in morning and 15mg 12 hrs later.  Then the second day take
15 morning and 12 hrs later.  Another way is take 60mg
one morning and if you feel much better that means your
too low on your MS or detoxing too fast.  It seems that
when you taper you get the depression sneaking in there
as well as no energy.  It seems with a taper if you go too
fast it causes w/d and if you do it slow you run into the 
depression / no energy problem.  Do you also feel anxious,
slight body aches all over, maybe sweating under the arms?
Yea, it is hard to win sometimes.  I hope this helped.


  - JIM

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Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] From Randy:
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Date: Sunday, February 21, 2010, 11:09 PM

You guys make me wanna come hang out and do iboga with all you experienced folks! LOL.  I got the iboga, and I am thinking being comfy at home will be a pretty good way to go.  

I am mentally preparing cause I can feel I need to dose, but have just been unmotivated, and almost overwhelmed at the stuff I need to get done, so much so that I can't get motivated to do it.  I think the iboga may help me with that.

I was all gung ho and almost was ready to eat it during the ibo conference, but I wouldn't have had a good sitter for a day or two, so I am trying to wait until I feel ready and have my sitter, but the thing is, it's just I feel kind of down and unmotivated, and am kinda in a stasis.

I have my dose down to 30 mgs of morphine sulfate a day, and other than the occasional valium, I don't do anything but smoke weed or an occasional trip of some sort.  I don't ever go over my standard daily dose, which I got down from 20 grams of poppy pod powder a day, to 30 mgs of morphine sulfate once a day.

I have enough TA, and I should just do it, but I just don't know why I am not super motivated to do it right away.  I am sure I need it, and it's probably all I need to snap me out of this mood and lack of energy, but I am having trouble for some reason.

You guys got any advice or can you relate to what I am feeling?  Is it the time I should do it, should I feel more desperate, or determined?  I don't know why I almost feel depressed..

Thanks everyone,


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> From: fallen eden <falleneden1 at gmail.com>
> Subject: [Ibogaine] From Randy:
> To: "The Ibogaine List" <ibogaine at mindvox.com>
> Date: Sunday, February 21, 2010, 7:44 PM
> Randy asked me to post his message
> saying "HEY Y'ALL!"
> "I'm finally home in Kentucky and I got no
> internet connection.. but I'll catch up with y'all
> when I get back! Maybe a cricket thing, one of those
> wireless cards. I'm doing real good since the treatment,
> and I love you all. Gonna do a booster or two here soon! Oh,
> and me and D made up, we're cool now."
> Randy sends his love.. apparently he's got no
> internet at the moment, and really wanted to tell everybody
> on the list that he loves you!
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