[Ibogaine] My report/story revisited

sasha victory sashavictory at mac.com
Thu Feb 18 16:14:54 EST 2010

We would absolutely love to have you as soon as we have something  
stable set up.

We are going down to todos santos for a few weeks to check it out for  
a permanent spot on March first. We'll let you know how things go!

this is the house

this is the town

To all the others...I'd like your input on what you think of this  
place from what you see. We are excited!


On Feb 18, 2010, at 12:58 PM, Sister wrote:

> I am sorta surprised how some want to keep the Providers down to a  
> miminal..... I have offered to work for free and didn't get a  
> bite....  Will try more clinics to see if I could be used... I would  
> think a RN with CC experience that can read a EKG would be  
> wanted...  Will keep asking though
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> You are right on Randy...
> I feel and share your enthusiasm about this. I have treated only a  
> few people - and actually have treated myself several times (with  
> all the appropriations) reading your post made me dig out notes from  
> after my first flood experience. I had given much thought to how I  
> would like to go about giving treatments and what that would 'look  
> like' from both ends, the treater and the treated. I thought I'd  
> enclose some notes:
> NECESSARY- EKG and maybe a liver panel, but I think cardiac health  
> is more immediate. People with HepC have been successfully treated  
> and I think as long as they are asymptomatic it would be safe. I'm  
> not a doctor so I can't know for certain but I still think this  
> stuff is much safer than given credit for. It's been demonized...
> IDEAL- A drug screen would be a great idea... there are very  
> accurate UA tests available at drugstores, or even a blood serum  
> test to show exactly what someone is on and how much. I think many  
> addicts exclude RX's  as they don't see them as part of the  
> problem.When referring to prescriptions I'm especially concerned  
> with antidepressants of the tricyclic family. Many are MAOIS.
> Psychological profile/exam - this is an undervalued area (it seems)  
> A junkie is desperate...NO ONE comes to iboga whistling dixie. A  
> sick person is difficult to trust with information. They may have  
> memory issues, suicidal tendencies - and almost certainly clinical  
> depression. This makes accurate data gatehering almost impossible if  
> one relies solely on a patent's testimony: many don't realize how  
> sick they really are - many lie to cover personal shame regarding  
> important health matters (disease for instance) Signing a disclaimer  
> is one thing but it's not a prophylactic for trouble. We can do  
> better -by having as thorough a physical as possible and (at least)  
> a brief, professional psychological exam. This woud also aid in  
> drawing the participant into the experience. Give a better sense of  
> safety and confidence. Maybe wash some important and hitherto  
> unknown issues to the surface. Any help in this regard would serve  
> volumes in the ibo exp.
> These ideas alone could mitigate mortality in ibogaine use. Fasting,  
> abstinence, psyche exam and (wherever possible) counseling applied  
> to session could really cut some risks..
> If nothing else it (psyche exam) may unfortunately exclude a small  
> population from immediately jumping in to this. A close watch on any  
> physical symptoms and/or psychological/spiritual manifestations for  
> a week or so prior to treatment along with attention to diet,  
> meditation, prayer...Give oneself the best chance at safe and  
> effective recovery. This is BIG MEDICINE, and should be taken as such.
> Just some thoughts. Thanks for the great posts man, very honest  
> stuff. I have some real good protocol notes I'd like to share later  
> but I'm tired of typing now. Be well my friends, Ken
> On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 5:34 AM, Randy Faulconer <bicuitboy714 at gmail.com 
> > wrote:
>      I went to NYC to meet Krista today. I had to go. I was dead  
> tired but I had to go. I had to see that sweet face that I knew that  
> she had just by talking with her for over a year on the phone and  
> internet. I hadn't slept since the night before at about 9 when I  
> did the rest of my HCL. It was soooooooooo worth it. She is forever  
> to be the princess of my heart. The daughter I never had. I love you  
> grrrrrl, you know that!!! How bout that harmonica hey?? Practice  
> babe, loosen your lips up some and it will come, I promise.
>        I got all the sleep I'll be getting tonight already so here  
> ya go.
>       Anyway when there at Dana's we were discussing my treatment of  
> course. A lot of my friends were there. I missed seing Preston and  
> Patrick and a few others but mostly they were there. It was way  
> cool. I'll never forget it. While we were talking about it , it hit  
> me that there was symbolism with Howards death and seeing Christ on  
> the cross. I mean Howard got run through the ringer by the most  
> unscrupulous B that ever walked if you ask me. And to me Howard was  
> almost holy. Most Holy. He was kind, gentle, soft spoken, waayy  
> intelligent, and never lacked for the right word at the right time  
> to make  a person see the best way to go about helping themselves.  
> There will never be another like him. I wish I could do something to  
> further the cause for Norma. (I'm thinkin' Norma, give me a minute  
> or two) She deserves compensation for the money Howard put (with  
> Dana's help I might add) to get research started and things in the  
> air so to speak. And so much more that he did. Freely. He wasn't out  
> to dick people for as much as he could get, he just wanted to recoop  
> his research efforts that were in my opinion stolen from him in some  
> ways. Though before he died he put it out for free anyway.
>           I still think that one of the things that we should do is  
> train more providers. Everybody that can do a treatment needs to  
> train somebody else to do a treatment, and so on down the line. We  
> could double the amount of providers this year if we tried, maybe  
> triple. I say we thinking that some of you are with me on this. (Can  
> I get an Amen??) I can't be the only person getting Emails on how to  
> help and get started doing treatments. It's not that hard. And at  
> first you have to be on the phone with them. Walk them through the  
> first interview, the whole 9 yards. EKG, blood work, everything. It  
> will cost you in cell time, BUT IT IS WORTH IT. Buy a cheap ass cell  
> phone you can just smash if need be.I've done It a few times. The  
> best way is to be there for the first few treatments, but that is  
> not always practicable. Sometimes you get people like my son and  
> (and this other grrl) who are just naturals if you ask me. There  
> were a few calls at first at the start of the treaments and some  
> wierd things came up I had to help calm down, but now I get a call  
> saying I'm starting and then a call about 3 days later talking about  
> how cool it is to see somebody do that. It has to be seen to be  
> believed. Randy kept better records then I do. "course it was his  
> dad and he didn't wanna screw this up. He's part of the troops now.  
> (tongue stuck out at those who are glaring at me right now.) You  
> know who you are.
>           We are going south to Kentucky today to start the new  
> push. I won't shut up and some people will get helped. I have a lot  
> to do for myself first but that's where the troops come in. I am  
> planning more therapy and anti depressents. He treats until I'm  
> ready, then we take turns or however it works out. Maybe we  
> shouldn't talk openly about this but, WTF, they can kill me but they  
> can't eat me, I'm poison.
>         With that I'll go. Thanx for listening, it's good to be  
> writing with feeling and without having to think too much about what  
> I am going to say. Freedom from anger is a beautiful thing. Should  
> have done that a long time ago. That reminds me of when I was first  
> treated. I was deemed wrong for Ibogaine     (I wanted to start  
> helping just as soon as the trails were gone, maybe sooner) mainly  
> (IMHO) for shooting the racoon that was killing my mothers Guinea  
> hens about 2 a night. (there were a few other things too, but they  
> could have told me that before I trained for a year and a half and  
> came away angry and felt defeated. (my thoughts anyway) I'm glad it  
> happened now, really. We were down from 30 to about 14. I saw the  
> tears in my Momma's eye's about her Miss Fancy (favorite) guinea and  
> I lost it. Walked right into the woods and not 5 minutes later it  
> walked right up to me not knowing I was there. Had to do it. I grew  
> up on farm in Kentucky. We had to take care of our own. Hell, the  
> Sheriff was at least 45 minutes away when I was growing up there. We  
> had to know how to defend ourselves. Besides. Some of the Mullikins  
> that died right there on that farm fought in American Revolution.  
> Our rifles were tools. and we used them sparingly. We still have the  
> Flinlock made in Penn. State, and the percussion gun made around  
> 1845. Not a single shooting ever in out family. Not that didn't need  
> shooting anyway.
>           My tirade on Gun Control is over now, you can breath  
> normal again. Sorry.
>          PS help me come up with a questionaire on asking pertinent  
> questions a provider should know. A test so to speak. Couldn't hurt  
> could it?? And wouldn't it be cool if we had a sheet of paper to  
> hand to an ambulance driver in case one is called to an Ibo  
> treatment?? Not all Doctors even know what the fuck Ibogaine is,  
> much less what to do and not do. Just the basics about opiates and  
> the heart probs. Things like that that smarter people then me can  
> come up with if you all will help me. Look..............I'll make it  
> up to ya. Soon as I get some stuff recorded down home I'll put at  
> least 2 maybe 3 songs on here for free. OK?? I can't wait, my son is  
> a cuputer whizz bang buck if I ever saw one. The stories will be on  
> the Mindvox site soon. Won't that be cool??
>         Randy is going to help me straighten out my facebook account  
> and I'll answer all of the friend requests, I promise. We are going  
> to start a Blues kinda whacked out Ibo web site too. Idea's anybody??
>          I'll be back
>              Much Love
>                     Randy
>                          BiscuitBoy tirades
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