[Ibogaine] Aluminum foil used to smuggle drugs

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>  Aluminum foil used to smuggle drugs Drugs concealed in spheres tossed
> across US border
> By Matilde Cantero
> *Special For the Arizona Daily Star *
> Tucson, Arizona | Published: 09.29.2009
>  Tennis-ball-sized aluminum spheres tossed over the border fence into
> Nogales, Ariz., Sunday may be the latest method for delivering contraband
> into the U.S. from Mexico, said border officials.
> One of the spheres recovered by agents consisted of a wadded-up ball of
> aluminum foil wrapped around a plastic bag containing hundreds of
> prescription pills, officials said.
> Camera operators for the Department of Homeland Security watched as the
> round items flew over the fence and landed near apartments in the downtown
> area on East Street. About five of the silver balls were seen on tape as
> they came flying over the border, said Agent George Alex Gomez, spokesman
> for the U.S. Border Patrol.
> The camera operators also watched as an individual retrieved some of the
> objects shortly after they landed on the ground and went back into an
> apartment.
> When agents reached the location, they seized one of the plastic bags
> containing 349 Valium pills wrapped in aluminum.
> "We wonder what was in the other bags; it could have been heroin or
> cocaine," said Gomez. "We have to be more alert out here."
> *Matilde Cantero is a UA student apprenticing at the Star. Contact her at
> 807-7776 or starapprentice at azstarnet.com.*
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