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Hi J,

Did it say if it was the HCL or TA?  If TA do they know the 

Best to ya,

  - JIM

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What up with this web site..
It says nothing about sending to the US...
its say 275 per gram for ibogaine...never heard of it that low..
Im not saying its a scam.. But its sounds fishy....

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 Moughenda Mickala sent a message to the members of Awakening in the Iboga house.

Subject: Iboga House Center is now open in Liberia, Costa Rica

Moughenda Mickala, Bwiti Shaman from Gabon Africa (the origin of Iboga is from Gabon)
Iboga House Center is in Liberia Costa Rica. We provide drug/alcohol addiction therapy, spiritual/pre initiation Iboga journey and all types of healing. 
You may contact us for the opportunity to study with Moughenda to become a Shaman, healer or an Ibogaine provider (not everyone can be qualified for these roles)
For more information visit http://www.facebook.com/l/e83a5;www.IbogaHouse.com
Keep an eye out for updates, video's and bio's of those involved and those treated
Clinic +506-269-10170
Cell +506-893-50563

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