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Jeremy Spence jlspence12 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 15:00:29 EDT 2009

This my mother,

She beat breast cancer 100% natural!!

She saw what medical did to me!!
They are IDIOTs!!!

She told them all to eat a dick!!!

And did her own thing!!!

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> Date: September 16, 2009 3:50:43 PM CDT
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> Subject: Good News!!!

> Dr. Coles office from Cincinnati called and told me that my AMAS   
> cancer blood test showed a very low probability of me having cancer  
> in my body.  They do not use terms like "cancer free" or  
> remission....the number 300 were borderline high (which means you  
> have many cancer cells.... and mine were  160
> again, I will have to research just what the numbers all mean....
> According to the test my numbers were in the normal range--- some  
> numbers were below normal which the naturopath told me was good.  Of  
> course they want me back in about 3-4 months for another  
> test....puke, it really doesn't end if ya know what I mean.
> I am thanking God for my good test results.
> Anyway, they are mailing my results,  I will have to study the  
> report and figure out all the verbiage if ya know what I mean.
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