[Ibogaine] 3 out of 3

Jeremy Spence jlspence12 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 01:46:28 EDT 2009

Thanks DAna for all that you do!
Trying to change poeple ideas about the idiotic
War on drugs!!
That cause so much harm on a lot of good

Keep up the fight!!

Many would give up, but you keep fighting!!

We all have much to learn from Dana!!

Thanks for what you do for the cause!!

Some time I would if I be a morter for the
Cause at times??

If so, I will..
It's not how I planned to go out!!
But somebodys got to put there foot down
And say this is wrong!!
With the labeling and miss info from the
Idiot media!!

Somebodies got to speak up!!

Thanks for having the guts, and frankly,
The balls to tell these mindless  idiots
In power they ARE WRONG!!


On Sep 20, 2009, at 8:20 PM, Dana Beal <dana at phantom.com> wrote:

> Dana Beal September 17 at 6:10pm
> Anna, did you say you cleared hep C in the aftermath of your  
> treatment?
> <q696356666_5861.jpg>
> Anna Rose Henderson September 17 at 11:28pm Reply
> Hi Dana,Yes, I have a negative hep C status now. However i was on  
> the interferon/ribavirin combination therapy for about 10 months  
> prior to my ibogaine treatment , I stopped the interferon the week  
> before i flew out to mexico (2 months short of completing the total  
> length of iterferon treatment). I had tested negative before i  
> started ibogaine, however often with the genotype i had (1), the hep  
> C recurrs once the interferon is stopped. Mine didnt. Was is the  
> ibogaine or was it the interferon, i dont know. I like to believe it  
> was a combination of both.
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