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Hi Chris, Sara, Jasen, Kevinm Marko, Patrick, Simon and all,

I think what is most evident from these conversations is that all varieties of ibogaine experiences are variable regardless of dose or form on a patient to patient basis.  You should anticipate every conceivable response. Patients/initiates should be informed that experiences are variable though it is my observation that the attenuation of opioid withdrawal in opioid dependent patients may be expected to a greater degree than visualization across the board in the broad variety of ibogaine treated subjects. Both incidents being rare.

I would appreciate comment on these two minor effects: 1) lack of visualization and 2) lack of attenuation of opioid withdrawal in opioid dependent subjects. Which is more prevalent?  3) Is there any association between the two?

On a distinct matter I want to congratulate the New Zealand providers/patients and their supporters in Australia for spectacular development.  I was concerned that providing treatments during the ibogaine forum in would represent inherent danger but the professionalism and care provided resulted in safe outcomes and moving information about ibogaine into medical and paramedical circles. Keep up the good work.  This kind of progress brings joy to my heart



On Sep 14, 2009, at 6:20 PM, Chris Jenks wrote:

> On Mon, 14 Sep 2009, Kevin Walker wrote:
>> [...]
>> Has anybody ever experienced this, patient really out of it in every other aspect, but the dream like hallucinations, but the experience he
>> was so looking forward to have failed him.
>  Yes, that was my experience, at a range of doses, purified or the root itself, no doubt about what I was taking, no visual effects except tracers. There was definite activity nevertheless, had great insights. It seems people are highly variable. Another person who took the same batch for methadone couldn't tolerate more than 150mg - total, felt extreme physical distress, ended up stranded and in withdrawal because he couldn't handle an effective dose. If I have learned anything these last few decades it is that people are highly variable in their response to psychoactive drugs.
>  Chris
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