[Ibogaine] Post-session analgesia

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Thanks to all for the great advice...this is certainly something one doesn't
just walk right into. I will research this further before anything is
settled, and he is still a bit "wishy-washy" as it stands, concerning the
psychoactive effect of iboga. I will consider everything I heard on here and
speak to a physician before making a determination, thank you again...K

On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 9:48 AM, Jim Hadey <jimhadey3 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> Ibo may be legal in Canada but you just don't walk
> in the grocery store or drug store or even a health
> food store and buy it.
> You can use the HCL to  lower your use of
> opiates.  You get a capsule of some kind and
> empty and fill it with Ibo.  I could only guess 20
> to 30 mg every other day, for 7 - 10 days and then
> go 7 - 10 days without it and see how things are going
> and repeat as necessary.  It should work good at
> first then the results will be less and less.  When
> the results are less quit using it for a week or two.
> There will come a point of diminished returns
> where you either stay where you are or take
> a full Ibo treatment.
> I cut my dose in half in about 6 weeks or so.
> Hope it works for you.
>   - JIM
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> I am in a similar situation right now. I wish it were possible in the
> United States to simply obtain root bark and use small amounts to control
> tolerance. I feel tempted to move to Canada for awhile, as I understand
> iboga and ibogaine can be legally obtained there. Iboga is legal there and
> may be obtainable but you would not know the alkaloid content without first
> testing it some how. I wonder, hypothetically speaking, would it be safe
> to use minute amounts of iboga or ibogaine on a daily basis to control
> tolerance to opiates?There is a paper called "*dirty maintenance" with
> reference to iboga (obviously) which you may find interesting; but its not
> some thing you can take daily.  If so, how much would it be safe to use in
> conjunction with a narcotic analgesic without risking an overdose?
> See a respected provider; this is not some thing I would "DIY" to begin
> with. You could continue on your own at a later date but you would need some
> initial guidance or advice in my opinion.
> *
> http://ibogaine.mindvox.com/index.html?Articles/MAPS-Ibogaine2.htm~mainFrame<http://ibogaine.mindvox.com/index.html?Articles/MAPS-Ibogaine2.htm%7EmainFrame>
> <http://ibogaine.mindvox.com/index.html?Articles/MAPS-Ibogaine2.htm%7EmainFrame>Is
> the link
> -Mark
> On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 12:04 PM, Jim Hadey <jimhadey3 at yahoo.com<http://mc/compose?to=jimhadey3@yahoo.com>
> > wrote:
>> Hi Cal,
>> You friend is in a pretty hard situation, he gets pain
>> meds from the doc and gets hooked on them.  That's
>> what pain meds do.  Even when used as directed
>> like taking maybe 4 or 5 Vikes a day.  Not really
>> a large dose or an abuse.  But as time goes on
>> you need more - just like the addict in the street.
>> And when you go to kick a small 40-50 mg a day
>> habit it can be a much harder than imagined.  See,
>> it doesn't get you high and you don't even know
>> your on it.  But when you go to quit it is as if all
>> hell brakes loose.  It can be hard to explain but
>> sometimes it just feels  good to be off of everything.
>> Maybe you friend just want to get off everything and
>> see what things are like.  I can understand that.
>> But he is between a rock and a hard place.  He is
>> in serious pain, no doubt.  I take about the same
>> meds as your friend.  Thank God for the MS with
>> oxy or vik for break through pain.  Many people as
>> well as my self have said that when you go through
>> an Ibo experience it acts as a pain killer and stops
>> pain for about 30 days - it really is wonderful.  Then
>> you can start over again taking just enough pain
>> meds to ease the pain.  But as time goes on you
>> may increase you dose.  It's also pretty expensive.
>> That's what I do, l try to avoid using H.  It seems that
>> I will do it once a month, not perfect but I can live with
>> that.  Haven't used in about 2.  I am planning to take
>> another Ibo treatment and hoping to get off the drugs
>> and stay off.  That means that I just suffer the pain.  If
>> I can not stay off the pain meds or get hooked again
>> I will just have to live with it, this will be my last detox,
>> For I can not continue to do detoxes every couple of
>> years.  I have a feeling that those on SSD and
>> programs like that will be left cold turking their habit.
>> I have a feeling the government is going to cut
>> spending and  that usually means people in my class.
>> If they quit paying for the MS  or my doc visit there is
>> no way in hell that I could afford them.
>> Now, if your friend just wants to cut down.  He may
>> want to go with a little root bark.  It may be a big
>> hassle to go through a full blown detox not to
>> mention the expense and time to recover.  Ask
>> your friend what he is trying to accomplish.  Does
>> he want to get off drugs and stay off them for the
>> rest of his life??  Does he just want to come down
>> to a lower dose??  Or does he want the experience
>> and anything good that may come of it??  Then
>> you can decide what course of treatment to take.
>> Why go through a full detox when all you want is
>> to cut down some??  Or if his goal is to be off
>> opiates completely he is going to have to fight the
>> pain which can really wear ya down.
>> Wishing him the best,
>>   - JIM
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>> From: cal que <calaquendi420 at gmail.com<http://mc/compose?to=calaquendi420@gmail.com>
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>> Subject: [Ibogaine] Post-session analgesia
>> To: "The Ibogaine List" <ibogaine at mindvox.com<http://mc/compose?to=ibogaine@mindvox.com>
>> >
>> Date: Monday, September 14, 2009, 5:35 PM
>> Greetings friends...
>> I am in a situation where I have no experience and am needing some advice
>> and hopefully someone's expertise:
>> A good friend of mine has considered taking iboga (TA) for his addiction
>> to narcotic analgesics. He is prescribed morphine sulfate (100mg tablets)
>> and percocet (7.5mg) taken three or four times a day. He has rods in his
>> lumbar spine from an accident several years ago but has found himself with a
>> runaway addiction, using heroin instead of his prescriptions as his
>> tolerance runs unchecked...
>> My and his questions are - how soon after a session will it be safe to
>> take a narcotic analgesic for pain? He will certainly be in need of pain
>> killers, as the ibo treatment will undoubtedly address his inability to
>> control his intake, but will not 'cure' his chronic pain. He feels strongly
>> about the desire to 'get a hold on'  his issues and is trusting me to help
>> him find a safe way through a treatment. I told him I have the resources
>> (namely you guys and some others in the community) to find this information
>> and hopefully let him know something in a few days. I am fairly
>> knowledgeable about iboga/ibogaine but this presents special difficulties,
>> as many of the deaths that have been 'linked' to ibogaine can be traced to
>> post-treatment overdose from opiates. The user, for whatever reasons,
>> decides to take a narcotic, and the changes in the biochemistry of the brain
>> don't allow for the 'normal' dose the addict is used to taking- resulting in
>> fatal overdose. This we are aware of, but my question is specifically how
>> long after a session is it safe to ingest the PRESCRIBED amount of
>> analgesia? Obviously, he is waay beyond being able to be sustained by the
>> prescribed dosing schedule, so much so that he has advanced to IV heroin for
>> his pain-issues and to sate his addiction...
>> Does anyone have experience treating a patient that has severe chronic
>> pain issues? anybody have themselves gone through a similar situation?
>> No dosing of iboga will even be approached until I am absolutely
>> comfortable in my decision and have obtained the information I need. I
>> imagine this is one of the greater difficulties facing a provider and a
>> patient. Please advise.
>> Thank you all ~ C
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