[Ibogaine] Hello, an account of experience 3 months free

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Meet a man called...lets say Bob the builder, for those of you thinking about treatment. Nothing has been added or taken away, the testimonial is as it was written by "Bob the builder" Still free
                                                            Bob's story
OK So... My opiate habit was pretty bad by the time i was 23 years old. I dont like methadone because i've always seen it as too strong , so i liked subxone
because it didn't affect me as heavily but kept me on a good level. Only problem was i was injecting it everyday , hence leaving marks on my arms and 
my conscious. 
  . Injecting heroin for days then using suboxone to stablalize was a pretty fucked up time.
After looking online for detox treatments , someone 
suggested i try ibogaine. Originally after reading about Ibogaine and Iboga i thought there was no way this so called 'miracle drug' could work. This had 
to be some sort of scam i would tell myself. So about 2 months of research later i was pretty convinced that 'Yes' ibogaine can help me become sober again and '
Yes'I was willing to give it a shot , hell. Compared to other detox options , Ibogaine 'seemed' like a walk in the park. " You just lye down and 36 hours 
later 'you're detoxed' 'clean' - too easy"  
I got in contact with a guy who does treatments and started emailing him , telling him my story and he decided i was a good candidate for his 
treatment (certain people get turned down , eg. people with heart problems etc) He told me to get on a low dose of Methadone , because he wasn't sure
about treating someone who injects Suboxone , as he had never dealt with that specific opiate addiction before. That was fine by me and probably something i 
should have done a long time ago anyway.He wanted me off subuxone for at least 4 weeks also so that was out of my system. I agreed
and later that week i had booked flights and accomidation. 
Upon ariving at the airport i was pretty sick and tired of this low dose of methadone and was feeling pretty seedy. I was pretty numb most of the day
because this was the big day and my anticipation had overwealmed me with thoughts like 'is this really going to work' and 'whats it going to be like'
'will it be good/bad?' ect ect.
(I had good concern to worry but really shouldn't have , my sitter was one of the nicest and reliable guys on the planet. As far as im concerned.)
So when  the treatment provider / sitter , came we had a talk and after assuring him i had been drug free for at least 36 hours he decided we 
could do the treatment on the first night i flew in . Which i was very thankful for because withdrawals were just settting in and i wouldnt have slept 
that night had we not began. The sitter made me feel as comfortable as he could.
So im watching foxtel and my sitter is weighing up the dose , approx 16-20mg/kg is the average dose of Ibogaine HCI. I knew ibogaine wasn't a drug
to be experimented with so there was a seriousness about the situation. Enough so that i didn't bother to watch him weigh it. Leave it to the professional 
, i thought , i am in his hands now. Trying to get my head in to a place that felt comfortable , and it did. I had never experienced high dose of any
psychedellics before so i really didn't know how to prepare myself except just to be be at  the mercy of it and hope all goes well. That was the plan.
At Exactly 6pm.. or 7pm. either one , we began the Ibogaine treatment , which is more like a ritual than a treatment anyway. Firstly i am given 
1 capsual filled with ibogaine.
This is a test dose that is to see wether or not you are allergic to it. 1 hour after that the dose is increased 2 capsuals , than another 2 , 
then finally another 3. 
At the time of having 5 capsuals in my system and just before my last 3 capsuals i went to the toilet and could feel the effects coming on , i looked behind
me and saw 4 different versions of myself. 
So my provider gives me my last 3 capsuals and i gulp them down quickly in a swift motion because i could barely swallow or move my head.
I had a thought that this treatment wouldn't work for me , or at least the hallucenations wouldnt. But i was wrong, very wrong. Heh.
I lie down on the bed , unable to move , knowing if i attempt to move i will throw up. So i stay still , and wonder , is this the real deal and is my sitter
really prepared to watch me  the whole time? I start to doubt things as a slight fear kicks in that this whole thing was a scam and this drug is not going
to work for me , for some reason or another. 
The start is a little confusing , i remember when it was kicking in heavily I had to ask myself where i am , and and left with a guilty feeling as i 
realize i am here to detox from opiates.
Without much warning all of my thoughs were stopped dead by a extremely overpowering blast of colours and music , experiencing a feeling i have ever never
felt before , thinking "WOW , very.. Unusual drug" - it felt as if i was being transported through a black tube . It's like going to a different universe 
but everythings similar to Earth except you have a greater perception of everything , exteremly hard to explain , so heavenly , yet so difficult at times.. 
I see earth and its molecules 
all combining to create other molecules , i see each person as molecules and objects as molecules. everything that combines somehow turns dirty with the resin 
of other molecules colliding... I see Iboga , the molecule itself , i see the green molecules combing with off green and off white molecules.I look at myself
and see my dirty ways of drinking and smoking have effected my molecule structure with dirty molecules making me somehow feel un pure... 
Vivid halucenations take place and i am instantly transported to africa and welcomed by a tribe of people , it was amazing and mind blowing.
I saw the whole Earth as it is seen from a different perspective , me my family , and everyone in the world , all connected together from outside Earth.
The hours after that go past in a blur of lights and colours . I drift heavily in to a dream like state , seeing myself and everyone else in the world 
linked together - from outside Earth - from an out of body experience.
I could feel the connection to the earth and the tribal people who consumed this root. I somehow manage to connect with the tribal people around a 
campfire , they played calming music and could feel their love. It was complete bliss. 
It wasn't all good tho , it felt like most of the time i was being shocked or something because you would get a shock every now and then. 
Ibogaine doesn't feel that great most of the time. I had a vision of myself going back to back detoxing , trying other options , and it didnt feel good.
It felt frustrating , because i know ive tried other methods of staying clean , but none obviously worked. So that vision was prominent throughout my time
and still is till this day.
Ibogaine is kind of like being happy all of a sudden then gettting electroshock therapy , then being happpy ect. ect. This medicine is not recreational ..
It's intense and you can't move when you're on it because you may throw up violently if you try to do so.
It's hard to put everything in to a  timeline.  almost impossible. - 
Im still remembering smaller bits of the visions i had as days go by . its hard to write it all down in words and i could pretty much go on forever
about that part , but i will skip ahead to the morning.
Morning comes and i am awake. i can't remember much , I feel guilty because i had such a good time. Or at least it felt that way.
 and i feel like im coming down off something. Avoiding getting up because im trying to make sense of everything. Didn't feel that great.
I get up for a smoke , and start feeling a lot better , euphoric and humble as i walk around. The smoke made me throwup a little.  
I feel clean , no opiates for about 2 days and no cravings , this was great and made me very happy.
The care my sitters had seemed overwhealming.. and i felt a sense of kindness , and compassion. The sitter would help me stand up or get to somewhere 
and i would thank them ,  meaning it deeply because i felt worthless, but at the same time positive for the future. 
The brightness of the sun hurt my eyes badly so i wear sunglasses outside. My body is a little worn out but that is totally normal.
I lye down for most of the day. 
After the initial 8 -10 hours of tripping pretty hard you are left in a state of reflection , looking back at your life and it feels as if you've been away
from home for a long time. You miss normality and everyday kindness we take for granted. At the end of the day i look back at my life and realize i have 
it too good to just throw away , there are other people far worse off than me who still enjoy their lives without using or having a habit of some sort.
 I am eager to get back to my home.. I am pleased i at least have a home , feel like a stuck up middleclass. Here i am in a really nice apartment overlooking
a beautiful beach .. all because of detox? It didn't make sense, for once i felt guilty about the way i let myself go.
Being addicted , taking iboga , and suddenly not being addicted. Very nice. It worked and it worked well. A few days and it felt like i had been clean for 
The ibogaine treatment is a very humbling thing. It made me realize a whole lot about myself , my addiction and just how easyily i could overcome it.
After iboga , addiction and drugs don't seem that important anymore . Your health is number 1 , and opiates are a fast forward button to death. It makes
you switch off.
Ibogaine - stays in your system for a of months giving you nice happy feelings acting as somewhat of an antidepressant 
 and makes a very positive way to detox from drugs because of that reason. Mentally thats a huge bonus.
3 months later and i've stayed clean of opiate dependancy. I have had many oppertunities to use heroin/opiates and could of easily slipped back in to my 
old routine but made a conscious choice not use opiates ever again. I did use when i got back , it didn't feel good . I have a lot to do to change my life
and opiates were just getting in the way. :)

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Sep-13-2009 01:30
Marijuana Author Jack Herer Collapses After Stage Appearance at Portland
Hempstalk (VIDEO)
Tim King Salem-News.com
Our thoughts go out to his wonderful wife Jeannie Herer, and we hope that
Jack makes a full and speedy recovery.

Dr. Phil Leveque and Jack Herer at Hempstalk, September 12, 2009
Salem-News.com Photo by Tim King

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - The most well known person in the world on the subject
of marijuana, author Jack Herer, had a heart attack Saturday, after a
fiery speech at the Portland Hempstalk Event at Kelly Point Park.

Ironically, Jack told our Doctor Phil Leveque, an old friend of his in the
fight to legitimize and legalize marijuana, that he was feeling better
Saturday than he had, "In the ten years."

Event staff came together quickly and called in the paramedic crew that
treated Jack in the area backstage where he fell ill. Madeline Martinez,
Executive Director of Oregon NORML, the National Organization for the
Reform of Marijuana Laws, says Jack didn't look like he felt well after
the well received speech, and she told him he should get some water.

Shortly after that he apparently collapsed where he was sitting, and the
emergency crews were called in. Bands kept playing and the medical
personnel spent a considerable amount of time stabilizing Jack, before
loading him in an ambulance and transporting him to the Emanuel Trauma
Center in Portland.

Source report that Jack was in critical condition when he was admitted to
the hospital with his son at his side. Soon after that, they were told
that he was the victim of a heart attack, a result of arterial blockage.

Jack was was undergoing angioplasty surgery late Saturday.

Jack suffered a stroke several years ago that left him somewhat challenged
in terms of speaking, but today more than one person watching him noted
that his speech was much clearer than even the year before.

Jack Herer is beyond legendary with popular culture and his book, "The
Emperor Wears No Clothes" is the largest and first account of the real
story of marijuana and the techniques used by big money corporations to
demonize and criminalize it.

(Story continues below video)

This video clip from Saturday, recorded about two hours before Jack
suffered a heart%

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