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Jim Hadey jimhadey3 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 11 08:39:18 EDT 2009

Hi Tony,

This is a great place to come to get advice and pick
up some good idea and tips.  What exactly it is that
we can help you with??  We are pro- Ibogaine and
feel that it should be legal.  I take it your interested
in Ibo.  What is it you would like to know??  Do you
want to know if it really works - YES.  Does it always
work -NO.  If a person want to quit bad enough it
can make the difference.  Do you want a quick
overview of what it does - say yes.   OK, we all
know the pain and misery of withdrawal.  When
you take Ibo it takes the raging flu and turns it
into a cold.  Basically it give you an 80% - 90%
discount on pain and suffering.  The bad thing 
about it is it is EXPENSIVE -  $600 per gram.

A good site to check out is ethnogardens.com.
You can read the history and get pricing info.
However, you must live in Canada for they will
not ship to the U.S.   Also, there is a place
called erowid .com and they list the experience
of people who tried it.  Or if you ask the forum
if anyone can send in a report (for lack of a 
better word) of how it went I know some will 
tell you want it was like.  That should give you
an idea what you will experience.  All experiences
are different but have certain things in common.

Google ibogaine  and you will see quite a bit
here are some places I found useful.


They list detox centers, experiences and other
info.  It is a good place to get the overall idea
of what is involved.  As far as the forum goes
you can ask questions and the people will 
answer.  Welcome

Hope I helped,

  - JIM

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    I am new to the comm. and I just wanted to say, its very refreshing to see other like minded people exist in this world. My background, 33 yr old male, About 7 yrs ago had a spiritual exp under the influence of mdma, Without going into to many details my  EYES were opened =) and I caught a glimpse of truth.The exp changed my life. Sadly over the course of time I have regressed again back into my addictive state of mind. I have been battling a horrible opiate habit as well as a terrible nicotine addiction. I have been using opiates for the last couple of years on a daily basis,and quite frankly they are killing me. I have lost 30 pds in the last couple of months. I have since weaned myself down to the lowest dose I have ever been on. 10g of poppys a day:(tea)
I come to this forum as a last resort,for help.I KNOW the potential of healing through psycheldelics I have been trying but have a huge tolerance I have tried- d.o.i -2c-c 2c-i -and most other phenethylamines but have not been able to replicate my orignal exp.I come to this forum in hopes of finding REAL help and support for this addiction.If there is any treatment possible please contact,sadly I live in s.c and don t think any exist here.Either way I appreciate this forum and hope for the best for everyone here...

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Subject: [Ibogaine] (no subject)

Greetings friends...

Wanted to start a new post here about a situation I find myself in:
I'm having some oral surgery coming up very soon and it so happens
that plans I've made to engage in a TA iboga session are crisscrossed
with my health needs. My concerns are about how long I should wait
until it will be safe to undergo an iboga treatment?  I'll be taking
the TA to kind of boost my psychological and spiritual well being and
put the 'wind back in my sails'. I successfully treated with TA a few
months ago to break a long opiate addiction, but
 find myself recently
prescribed meds for the pain I'm in, and ( big surprise) I'm already
having a hard time keeping to the appropriate dosing of my Rx...
I would postpone the dental procedure if I could, but it seems it is
this very notion of procrastinating until I'm in awful pain that got
me where I am!
I'll level with you guys, even though it's embarrassing and gross; I'm
getting a large quantity of teeth yanked all at once (nine), the
remaining ones from the entire upper arch ~ I know...it's
terrible...thing is, I've already had some major stuff done - but
looking back, all it served for was 'damage control' and to put off
the inevitable. I have shitty genetics for dental health and like many
a good junkie I neglected some basic hygiene and so now am dealing
with the consequences. As I said, it is terribly embarrassing for me,
I'm kinda young to have this sort of thing happen but really there is
 healthy alternative. I've exhausted all my attempts to blow this
off, all the 'patch work' and crowns, root canals and you name
it...just ran out of options. This is ironic, you'd think I would have
put more energy into prophylaxis but a using addict seldom thinks
ahead, unless it's thinking about scoring dope, this has always been
one the things that freaked me out the most: having to lose my 'grill'
while I'm still (sort of) a young guy...
Call it vanity, but I'm reaally not too cool with this. Not a damned
thing I can do now though, except buck up and handle it.
The dentist will be doing some "bone preservation" work as well, so
that one day if I can afford it, I will be able to get implants, but
since insurance apparently considers (my) teeth 'cosmetic' I'll
probably never be able to swing those, and anyways I don't even have
insurance...I'm pissed that I let it come to this. For whatever
reasons I'm having
 some infection and problems happening right now
that require this to be done ASAP, as any other attempts at dodging
the situation would only be exercises in futility. I note that my
supply of material will coincide almost precisely with the appointment
for this ghastly procedure, if I could, I'd get a good laugh at that

But I want to respond here to Jim: he writes~

{Hi cal que,

I would say get the work done and take the meds, when they are
done you could do TA and might find pain relief from the IBO.  I
have severe pain and when I do an Ibo treatment there is no pain
for 30 days.

BTW, what is an appliance??  Never heard of it, but I just may
have to go that route.  Ohh, I have been to the dentist so many
times, many of my teeth that had crowns, the crowns leaked
which mean they had to be replaced and often with a root
canal.  And sometimes the tooth could not be
 saved which
means you need a bridge or partial.  Or then have implants
I believe they are called they kind of screw in the gum.  The
bad part is they cost $1700 and maybe a root canal -ouch.

Oh when they say don't spit, suck, smoke - don't.  A dry
socket REALLY hurts.  I had to back and have them give
me a shot and put some medication in the gum.  The one
and only time.

Wishing you the best,

  - JIM}

...Thank you Jim for the kind words and good advice, I was leaning in
that direction, I have some inclination that iboga would help in any
lingering pain, post-op as well. I have heard of some studies being
done with ibogaine being looked at for pain relief of sorts...I'm
thinking I'll have to give it about two weeks for me to heal up some
and then take the TA, which I will be preparing for myself as I did
before. BTW Jim, the "appliance" I spoke of was my gentle
for "denture" my friend! I just have a difficult time swallowing (no
pun) that word...
So, as it stands, I will go ahead and do this shameful process of
de-fanging and take my licks like a big boy, then when I'm no longer
spitting up quarts of blood, take the TA and get on with life. Maybe
none of this is coincidence, maybe I have some learning to do, some
acceptance (big word) work to fulfill. There is a part of me that
knows I don't even need to ask those questions. I'm sure I have
lessons to learn from this, plus I'm good at beating myself up and
hanging on to crap about how things even got this way, I could have
lost a limb or something much worse from my years of using... I know
this. Anyway thanks to you all for the sounding-board, it is good to
be able to talk about this, I appreciate the support from you all I
really really do! Bless you guys! ~K

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