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To All,

There seems to be misconception to a previous statement I posted on this
site and one or two other, on or about the 5th August 2009. I therefore
would like to bring clarification to the rumours and misunderstandings. For
ease of reference I have inserted in Italic the statement I posted on the
suggested date below.

I understand that the Ibogaine fraternity, are assuming that Ibogaine SA,
Ibogaine African Renaissance under sole directorship of myself (Kevin
Walker) and the Iboga Association Cape Town under sole directorship of Simon
Loxton are now business partners and or one of the same company in South

This has been misinterpreted from the wording in my first paragraph of the
statement inserted; we are very different companies and are not associated
in anyway, with regard to management, financials, decision making and or any
other normal business function. We are totally independent! Simon has his
business / clinic and laboratory in Cape Town South Africa and I have mine
in Kempton Park South Africa some 1200km apart - so we are by no means
sitting at the same desk or office for that matter.

While both Simon and myself  have a working association with regard to
Ibogaine For Africa, which is a working group for:- Ibogaine Treatment
Providers, Ibogaine Research in South Africa, Ibogaine legalisation in South
Africa  and Ibogaine treatment protocols, it has no other association or
link to our personal / legal company at all. It is for the purposes of
taking Ibogaine to the next level in our country.

I trust that above statement is clear to all that read it, should there be
any questions with regard to the above you may contact either me or Simon
for clarification on our personal email addresses. All that I ask is that
the unfounded rumours come to an end, and people start working together for
the sake of a better cause, and stop the bullshit of trying constantly to
stab some else in the back.


New Developments:-

It has been mutually agreed between Ibogaine SA, Ibogaine African
Renaissance under directorship of Kevin Walker and the Iboga Association
Cape Town, under directorship of Simon Loxton, to form a working association
for Ibogaine providers in South Africa known as Ibogaine for Africa.

With South Africa being very unique in its African culture and diversity, we
as a working group have clearly identified that in order to see, true
successes of Ibogaine research, treatment protocols, and health legalities
and registration in our country it is of paramount importance to having all
facets of the Ibogaine fraternity working together towards a common goal,
that being Ibogaine legalised through the department of health, and the safe
and successful use of the product in South Africa. South Africa over the
past weeks and months has gone and is still going through a very notable
change with regard to the acceptance of traditional medicines, of which
Ibogaine is one of them.

Although the Tabernanthe Iboga is native to Africa it is not indigenous to
South Africa, and we are currently moving in the direction of getting it
accredited to the list of traditional medicines through the various
authorities and government departments. With all things being equal at the
end we will have a completely legal working environment, recognised by the
medical profession, who now also  fall under the same controlling body as
the traditional healers, where the patients' rights will be protected and
the providers will all be compliant in regard to admissions and treatments.
This offering even a broader base for those being treated, as medical aid /
insurances will be compelled to pay for a recognised treatment model.

Simon and I have taken this on as a challenge for South Africans and over
the coming weeks hope to have completed a transparent working document, and
business plan for the way forward. Unfortunately due to the sensitivity of
the current working document and departments associated, to our plight we
can't elaborate much more. For those interested in the association you may
contact either myself or Simon on our respective email addresses.


For: - Ibogaine for Africa






NHP / Dr Kevin Walker (Reg No: 6206429)


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