[Ibogaine] Hcl better than Extract at treating opiate addiction, what do you think?

cal que calaquendi420 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 16:05:06 EDT 2009

Hi Beverly, hello list..

I have experience taking TA  for opiate addiction, and I can say with
certainty that it works remarkably. Also, two of my closest friends
have taken both the TA and the HCL for the same reasons and each of
them preferred the TA over the ibogaine hcl. It seemed to us that the
spectrum of other plant alkaloids worked syngersitically to 'get in
there' where the HCL may have 'left off' this not to say that isolated
ibogaine doesn't work thus, only a subjective preference of
materials...I think it is interesting to note that perhaps they could
be used concomitantly or in separate sessions, each using it's unique
and powerful methods to cleanse and heal in different ways. This would
be a good notion to explore in future studies. I myself have not been
too well physically lately and have some nasty oral surgery to look
forward to, it sucks because I have made arrangements to take TA iboga
in the near future to cement and 'recapture' some of the healing that
I experienced months ago in my initial session...I am looking to put
'the wind back in my sails' so to speak, but I may have to put off the
surgery or the session, I'm not sure which just yet..thanks to all for
being here, this list is a remarkable resource, blessings...K
On 9/5/09, Beverly Jackson <izmudd at gmail.com> wrote:
> That does help.
> :)
> Thank you all.
> Anybody else have experiences with TA and opiates?
> Suboxone and TA? H and TA?
> On Sat, Sep 5, 2009 at 3:54 AM, Helpful Hopeful
> <helpful_hopeful at yahoo.com>wrote:
>> I took the extract, given by Sara Glatt, back in 2004, and have been clean
>> of opiates since.  I haven't tried the HCl, and I don't plan on it.  I'd
>> like to use iboga again, but would rather stick to the extract because I
>> believe the mixture of alkaloids from the plant give more of the "spirit"
>> of
>> the natural plant, rather than stripping down the alkaloids to one single
>> active.  Many plants that man does this to, makes the plant much more
>> harmful and addictive (although I am sure this is not the case with
>> iboga),
>> and I believe when the plants are used naturally one can often get more
>> benefit.  I know with peyote and other psychoactive cacti, by extracting
>> the
>> mescaline, but not taking the rest of the cacti alkaloids, it definitely
>> takes away from the powerfulness and healing (somewhat) from the cacti
>> experience, so whenever I have a choice of experiencing the full range of
>> alkaloids, I would tend to lean towards that method.  For those with other
>> health problems, where the extract may seem like a rougher ride, or more
>> difficult experience, perhaps the HCl should be used, but I have never
>> been
>> one to shy away from a powerful (sometimes difficult) psychedelic
>> experience.  Hope this helps!

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