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Jeremy Spence jlspence12 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 16:44:23 EDT 2009

Yea. It's real shit.

You see, in the court system. They all buddy, buddy, they all sleeping  
with one another, "litterly"

The judge is having oral sex with proscuter, and maybe the even the  
god damm DA!! Maybe they are having a 3 some after later after  
sentencing hearing!! To have a going away party for your ass!! There  
be thinking of you right before they finish off.
And guess what?? Your be not only setting the 3k a night hotel. Your  
also be buying the rubbers also!!
How about that for a kicker!!
Isn't that something!!!

Yes. "believe it!!!
You better believe it!!

The DA "doesn't "care" about your ass either!!
They only make money putting you in jail, they don't make money  
pissing around the room
So again. Win, win for the buddy syatem!!!
Lose, lose for "YOU"

And they don't care!! They just don't!!
I will make a small donation, I fill it's my duity to do so!!
I can't live Witt my self if I don't..

Remember I only get 675+120 in food money.
Plus I get nearly free housing.
Pay 54 for rent.
My I got credit card dept. I got rid of all
Them! I don't have one now, I just have Bo biss having one,

Fuck that ass up!!
It's do able, but if I was like my step bother I'd be looking at  
bankrupt land!!
But. I always seem to know when I'm out the game just in time!!!!!
Before shit gets bad, or I go to jail, or get cleaned out!!!

But 187 dollars goes out on credit card
BS once a month. And it's my fault
I had to replace some thing that ass hole took, and never fully  
recovered from it, I guess that's what get for trusting ass holes and  
out control needle poeple, IV land poeple.
At least the fuckers I know, the worsest
Fucks in my town.
Don't know how??
But I managed to, not sure how really??
Turn on you on a dime!!

But, yea. I paypal a bit. To Dana,, we got to do our part, he was  
fighting for us. And always has been, let's return the favor!


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