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Hi Jim!

Suboxone has no naltrexon in it. It is *naloxon * and is completly different
type of blok, even not a blok but an antidot. Its effect is over in 25
minutes. Probably can not even bond on receptors besause buph has much
stronger affinity for receptors and there is 4 times more buph then naloxone
in suboxone. So I don't think there is much difference in subutex and
suboxone in this context, detox with Ibogaine.

as I saw with couple of my friends and my husband in few last years, dosage
had little to do with intensity of withdrawal simptoms. Those who were on
lower doses but over one year on them, couldn't do it without some kind of
supstitution. Horrible expirience that lasted couple of months, much longer
then methadon withdrawal. A friend that took 16mg subutex daily for six
months came clean simply by reducing dosage every second day. Withdrawal
simptoms were not that severe or longlasting.

2009/11/17 junkboy <junkboy64 at gmail.com>

> ITS uber horrible (at lest for me it was)....
> the last two mg, were total hell with super panic attacks.... i just did a
> 1 gram ibo hcl detox (i weighed 180 lbs) and 1 gram was enough, just
> barly...
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