[Ibogaine] Iboga Extract for Reducing Dependence to Morphine

Dork Vader imaidiot at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 23:01:59 EST 2009

A trustworthy source is willing to send me Iboga extract (10x) in  
order to help me attenuate my dependence to morphine. Is it plausible  
that I could take small doses of this extract for a week or two in  
order to reduce my tolerance so that I could start taking a lower  
daily dose of morphine? I imagine that it would be necessary to take  
much less morphine while using the extract. Please let me know if  
there is any way that this could work, as well as how much iboga  
extract and morphine would be safe to take together. I intend to take  
a flood dose sometime within the next year, but I simply can't commit  
to that at this time.


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