[Ibogaine] was (no subject) - now its about the list - more or less OT

Matt S ibogamail at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 20:59:15 EST 2009

This conversation (about the list and staying on topic) has been going 
on for a while now.  Mindvox as a sort of 
pseudo-social/forums/blog/express your insanity site is scheduled to 
re-emerge in a form that will allow moderation and blocking and such.  
As I understand it, different areas will have different moderators and 
areas for "always on topic" or "providers only" or "all comers welcome" 
or whatever are planned.  Some will be moderated and some not.  I could 
be mistaken but I am pretty sure this was the idea Patrick expressed 
last time we generated a lot of discussion around this.

So here is the problem.  The person (and or persons) who are creating 
this new Mindvox are unpaid and doing so in their spare time.  There was 
a new version launched something like 7 or 8 months ago but it isn't 
really up to the task yet and it wasn't all that well received so it is 
back to the drawing board. How long it will be before this new improved 
Mindvox rises from the electronic ashes is anyone's guess but my guess 
is that until it does, we are more or less stuck with things the way 
they are.

Just for the record I used to read every single word that hit this list, 
for several years in fact.  That is no longer true and hasn't been for 
at least the last year or so.


JRJ wrote:
> Me, too! I'm no fascist, but the 'signal to noise ratio' here is often a bit much. Judicious use of the 'OT' marker in the subject line would help. Maybe a 'RANT' marker as well? ;)
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> i wish for even a part time moderator with a block function sometimes.... im
> not for it all the time, but sometimes i am.......
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