[Ibogaine] Seeking iboga bark help and suggestions... THANKS TO ALL!!

Helpful Hopeful helpful_hopeful at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 17 03:11:46 EST 2009

I have about 85 grams of powdered iboga bark of decent quality (according to an online friend) and wanted to do a flood dose, and possibly a booster dose.  It's for a poppy pod tea habit for about the last six months after breaking my clavicle.  

The pods were much cheaper than doctor visits and prescriptions, so I used them, but still have a small habit of about 3 jumbo poppy pods a day.  The real heavy withdrawal starts between about 24-48 hours (depends on varying potency I imagine) with the current once daily dose of 3-4 jumbo pods.  

I have been treated once 5 years ago by Sara Glatt (Always Thankful!!!!) with about 5 grams of extract for methadone addiction and had had no addiction problems at all since, until I broke my collar bone this year.  

Unfortunately I couldn't afford proper medical care and there is still pretty constant pain but it's not totally unbearable without the pods, just kind of aches a good bit (although I haven't totally quit pods long enough to know exactly how much pain I'll have but feel confident I'll be able to deal with it).  I also did start smoking cigarettes again about 3 years ago.  I also drink soda again and eat junk food on occasion, which I had quit after the first iboga dose.  

I am wondering on what people's advice would be on the best way to do the dose, if 85g will be enough for a flood and a booster?  Since I had extreme vomiting last time (with extract from Sara) although it was well into the trip, I am not necessarily opposed to a properly prepared enema, and how one would go about doing this, if this seems like the only way to get the job done for the small amount of bark I have.  I would rather not put anything up my butt, but also would hate to waste the only bark I have been able to find.

I also have a lot of experience in extracting mescaline, DMT and THC, so performing a fairly simple extraction isn't out of the question, providing it gets all the alkaloids, as I don't want to waste anything.

Mescaline HCl causes me nausea for about 2-3 hours when I use it (but can sometimes fight the puking if I dose around a gram or less), so I am slightly sensitive to most chemicals when it comes to nausea or vomiting (not to dosages), but I am a very experienced psychedelic user who has had extended experience with huge doses of most of the classic psychedelics, and probably most drugs in general.  Hell, probably lots of drugs people haven't heard of, too, lol.  

I have eaten doses of LSD in amounts most people have never even seen and generally prefer mescaline doses around 1-1.5 grams.  Mushrooms, nothing less than an 1/8 ounce of cubensis or I don't even really get an enjoyable buzz.  This is not to brag about my drug experience, but to help people understand how much experience I have had with psychedelics and drugs in general and to also give an idea on peoples suggestions on what kind of dosages to take.

I do remember the experience still pretty well, but wouldn't mind any and all suggestions about self administering the iboga, with a sitter that is a trained nurses aid and has seen me go through some pretty powerful, intense, crazy trips.  

I currently don't use any other drugs but the pods and cannabis or sometimes psychedelics, but did go on a xanax binge for about two weeks that ended about 4-5 days ago with me eating probably near 40-50 bars in a severe fit of depression (in one night while I was mildly suicidal).  I had been eating probably about 5 bars a day for about 2 weeks before the attempted OD.  Had mild depression from this since, but it's getting much less severe.  Don't know how I am still alive either, but apparently I am some kind of superman on xanax.  I have been getting to the roots of my depression, which mainly stems from relationship troubles and money problems, which probably go hand in hand.

I have been a member of this list for over 5 years but don't get a chance to read all the messages, since there are quite a few a day and I have to care for a family of 5.  I look forward to sharing more when I have another fresh experience under my belt.

Thanks in advance to any and all for any advice and or suggestions on dosages and how to administer them, (preferably without the whole butt thing, LOL).  I wanna be sure that I don't waste this bark because finding it in the USA or getting it to the Moon seems very, very difficult, which is why I obviously live on the Moon, where I don't have to worry about crazy USA laws, although not many ship to the moon.  ;)



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