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The fert formula is N-P-K; Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium. For vegetative growth your highest number has to be the nitrogen, the middle number, Phosphorus, is more for flower and the Potash, last number also need not be that high but its a "structural" element. I would avoid, like the plague, inorganic fertilizers. These are largely used on our veg crops which is why all of them have lost their flavor. The other reason is inorganics kill the mychorrhizal bacteria which is more valuable to the plants than anything. Many of the medias being produced (ProMix BX, the one I use only cause thats all available) are now getting mychorrhizal bact. included although its live so consider how long that bag has been at the store. Because I do alot of plants I get a #3 bottle of endo/ecto mychorrhizal bacteria dust every so often cause I use it on everything's roots. Here, long time the Ohia trees, indigenous, have been dying: Dept of Ag can't figure it out. I started inocculating our Ohia trees and they come back like gang-busters; fertilizers leeching are whats killing them.

On another note Jeremy; I know why you feel the way you do regarding people, crazies etc and the frustration you feel over not being able to do something: you are an empath. How do I know: it takes one to know one. I do know what it is like to suck up another's sorrow, like a sponge, and then feel it eat at you. We are ALL empaths its just that some of us have a greater need, by who and what we personally are to act on it. So I say this, as a slightly older empath; regardless of the pain/agony/sorrow of another one cannot loose sight of the fact that being as close to 100% in your own self will enable one to better be able to assess and assist another. Focus on yourself for a while; find what makes you happy, however small, build it larger.

And with that in mind now tell me what is you condition? You tell IC, please spell this out for me: I want to ask my plant buddies about it.

Take care,
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  Yea, these rainforest plants 
  Need to be grown different, then food 

  I read a shit load on soil chemistry

  The hard part Is make it work in "real life"

  It's kind of my EMT skills, yea, I got them, got my CPR card.
  "but can I make it work in real life???"
  On a seen that looks like the night of the living dead????????

  I want to be a paramedic.
  I'm working on getting on just Xanax 
  2mg(a day, 1mg once 2 times a day)

  It helps with the with draw.
  I've been able to lower 
  My morphine from nearly 180mgs
  To well today 
  around 45mgs.
  With little pain.

  My bladder must be getting tougher.
  I'm going to beat this if it's the last 
  thing I do on this earth.

  I hate the Xanax bars, but they work well with the adderall.
  I hate benzos long term.
  Hard on the gut.

  But they help..

  I'm rolling with them.
  Fuck it. Call me a nut job,
  I like having those 2mg bar sitting around.
  Nice to have around.

  It's better then Valium.
  You couldn't put a gun to my head and 
  Make me take that for another month.

  Fuck that..

  I'm sorry for my "CRAZY ASS RANTS and fits of rage....
  Please know, though it's frustrating 
  It's not what it could be..
  I see the worse at my crazy nut job, 40 cal. Glock carrying,("having to carry")
  "must carry"
  Black doc..
  He's cool as fuck..
  It's crazy over there though.
  everytime I leave there I see "how my life could be????"
  99.9% of the poeple there just don't have 1 person to care about them..
  And nobody really cares.
  It hurts me to see that..

  I see my self in some of those poeple
  at times, or who I use to be.....

  It's crazy over there. 
  But as insane as that is, I kind of have the fasnation for that type of nut job shit..
  Yea. I'm a nut job all right..
  You know you cracy when you start to like the crazyness, poeple coming in just got out "of prision"
  "no insurance", "no parents"
  "took this lady home the other day,
  I felt so bad for her, she about had my crying, I mean I really feel for these poeple man. She told me growing up all she wanted to be was white, it had me near in tears hearing this.
  Her son had lead police on a 50 mile chase at over 100mh and totaled 
  her only car.
  man, I felt so bad for her.
  I remember my stunt on morage ave.
  My faverate st. (why I don't know????????, that what my mom says..)
  To me near ever car wreak or police chase happen on that st.
  again 3-4 tickets in like 4 months.
  Bad year.

  The thing Is over at my black doc.
  I really feel for the poeple over there..
  I really do...
  I swear I reallly give a fuck about these poeple, they are fucked.. Noone cares about them.......

  I think about all the things I got which 
  is not shit,(mainly from SSI.and a bit of food help from my mother. About 90 dollars per week. Which adds up!!!
  These poeple just don't have a prayer or have any nobody to care. It breaks my heart man, it really does.
  Poeple just don't give a fuck, and you know what after this illness I kind of do.

  I tell you 
  I would love to grow some organic food for them poeple.(one day. If I had some land.)
  one day, I got to give back in some way. I've feel I've got to do it if I ever 
  can one day, I like fucking around with 
  growing all types of plants, it's fun.
  Food plants orchids which I'm getting into just now.
  Orchids are true unbelievely beaultful plants!!
  I like the kind call the "moth orchids" 
  They are my faverate.

  Yea, I like to get me a book on orchids.

  Heard the alakan fish emolsion won't 
  Everything thing else else I've tried 
  Even ozmocot,
  It burned the shit out of the stupid things.

  They are doing better.
  Rainforest plants are touchy plants in general.
  As a rule, they just are.
  Heard maxi crop good too??

  I wonder what good you can use for veg stage????

  The fish stuff spose to be for bloom stage.
  But they convert back and forth. Chem wise.
  Nitrates(veg stage)
  Ammonina N.(for bloom)-which the fish 
  stuff is kind of in the type....

  Plus the more Ca in the soil it reacts to form Nitrates I believe, with can burn up a plant fast.
  They both can. But nitrates are harsher????
  That's what I've read.
  Soil chem, it complex as hell..
  But it's fun to learn.


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    Until a plant is to the 2 or 5 gallon pot size they are in close proximity to the house and I "spoon-feed" so to speak. Before getting to a large pot size I feed everybody liquid fertilizers cause they have less capacity for burn. Have to go with what is available so I use Atlas Fish Emulsion, 5-1-1 and during increasing daylight and temperatures I'll add some Maxi-Crop which is principally K, the last number on the fert formula. Both of these are available in quart size bottles at garden/nursery businesses. Don't remember what the recommended dose is but I use a Tablespoon per gallon eyeballing formula; but no forget I'm closer to the equator than you, maybe start with teaspoon/gallon. If you getting white crystals precipitating at the bottom of the pot, outta the drain holes, too much fert and media age needs to be considered.

    The 3-point anomaly has continued growing in 3's till the seventh node which threw 3 branchlets but these now have 2 leaves/tip.

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      I doubt it would change the amount
      Of ibogaine in it.

      It happens with weed plants.
      I heard there's no difference.
      But I could be wrong??

      More leafs means more production of 
      energy being taking up by the leafs.
      The power houses of the plant.

      So, yea, it could effect the ibogaine content.
      More leafs,
      more horse power.
      To make alkaloids

      On Jul 22, 2009, at 3:18 PM, "Halyna" <halyna at isp01.net> wrote:

        Although I think Simon would have an answer, anyone else who might have an answer please reply.

        The Iboga plant is set in paired leaves, opposing on the stem. This is the mode it starts with also: 2 pod busters and continues to set leaves in this fashion. Once in a while a mutation occurs: 3 pod busters and the plant continues to grow with 3 leaves per node as opposed to 2. If the botanists haven't changed the name I think its called a "sport"; a naturally occurring mutation.
        Is there any significance to this mutation? One would think that with the extra leaf per node it may be a more productive/powerful plant.
        Any thoughts or experience on this?

        Thank you,

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