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Jeremy Spence jlspence12 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 10:26:39 EST 2009

It happen with weed plants.
Plus it matter how much you feeding it
Over feeding could cause things
To happen like that.
Doesn't meen that's what's happening.

I love to hear what your feeding it?
I have not found a fert.
that doesn't Fen burn the fuck out
Of my iboga plants.

I've got 4.
One doing ok.
i don't have a ton of money
I've tried some organic.
rainbow mix, horrible!!
the thing better be 6 feet tall!!!
and then you need only a tiny
that shit is fucking strong

My cactus takes it
But a even slightly young
Rainforest plant of even 3 years, forget it!!!
Burn it up!!
Burn baby burn!!

I might come in handy down the road.
maybe like 10 years down the road.
with a tiny bit added no where near the roots!!!!!!!!!!!

what you feeding it??


On Jul 22, 2009, at 3:18 PM, "Halyna" <halyna at isp01.net> wrote:

> Although I think Simon would have an answer, anyone else who might  
> have an answer please reply.
> The Iboga plant is set in paired leaves, opposing on the stem. This  
> is the mode it starts with also: 2 pod busters and continues to set  
> leaves in this fashion. Once in a while a mutation occurs: 3 pod  
> busters and the plant continues to grow with 3 leaves per node as  
> opposed to 2. If the botanists haven't changed the name I think its  
> called a "sport"; a naturally occurring mutation.
> Is there any significance to this mutation? One would think that  
> with the extra leaf per node it may be a more productive/powerful  
> plant.
> Any thoughts or experience on this?
> Thank you,
> Halyna
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