[Ibogaine] Law & Order SVU ibogaine episode just aired tonight

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Cross posted from an FB comment I wrote earlier today:

*I've been saying for years that a shot of positive publicity, much like
Alcoholics Anonymous received from this 'The Saturday Night Post' article by
Jack Alexander in 1941: **http://www.barefootsworld.****
* do more to raise awareness and consciousness of Ibo's healing properties
than anything else.

Given the scant amount of **screen time it had I think the writer did a
great job in presenting the key data around Ibogaine.

Now that Ibo has gotten this shot in the arm, from American Corporate Media
no less, lets see if it will bear fruit, or in this case, take root.*

On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 6:12 PM, Matt S <ibogamail at gmail.com> wrote:

> OK I torrented it and just finished watching it.  I'll spare everyone from
> what would be a long and totally OT critic of the overall show but there are
> a few comments about the ibogaine subject matter I would make.  Ibogaine
> doesn't get a mention at all until 3/4 of the way through, but when it does
> it is first brought up by a "respectable" character and given a very
> favorable representation.  My only criticism of that scene is that they
> refer to it as a "cure" for heroin addiction, which I suppose to an outsider
> it must look like, I mean my family seems to think it cured me, but a "very
> effective treatment" would have been more accurate.
> The scene where he actually gets treated is a little less realistic.  For
> one thing the treatment provider says they are giving him only 750mgs which
> would probably not be enough for an addiction interruption dose.  It is a
> kid, and he is pretty skinny but still, if you consider 15mg/kg the minimum
> addiction interruption dose you would have to weigh only 50kg (about 110lbs)
> for 750mgs to be a 15mg/kg dose, and that kid weighed more than 110lbs.
> I also take a little issue with the provider's description of the effects,
> although it is one of those things that has to be experienced to be
> understood, and you can't really do it justice by just describing it in
> words.  But my major objection is to his saying that he would experience
> euphoria.  I think just as with all psychedelics, euphoria is one possible
> feeling you can experience but is in no way guaranteed.  Plus the range of
> emotion is extremely variable over time and ibogaine is a very long
> experience compared with all the other traditional psychedelics so it seems
> just as likely that at some point during the experience you will experience
> disphoria.
> The provider also says "for about 8 hours you're going to trip" which
> should really be more like 20+ hours.  Also they administer the treatment
> while the junkie character is high (droopy eyelids and lethargic speech and
> movements) which is a big no no.
> The only other issue I have is that the provider says it works 91% of the
> time which I can only assume is a made up statistic.  I would have placed
> the success rate a bit lower based on my own experience needing several
> treatments as well as the experiences of others on this list.  I don't think
> it works 91% of the time, the very first time.  I think with unrestricted
> access to repeated treatments and boosters you could probably see a success
> rate that high (or higher) over the long term though.
> What I really did like however was that the treatment provider was not only
> a doctor, but in the true style of 'art echoing life' he says he was
> successfully treated himself several years before.  Seems like almost every
> treatment provider in the real world is also a treatment success story so I
> liked that they put that in the show with their treatment provider also.
> All in all I thought it was probably the most accurate and positive
> representation ibogaine has received in one of these fictional drama shows.
>  Or maybe I should say much better than it was portrayed in that CSI episode
> a few years back ( I also seem to recall a less than accurate representation
> in the TV show crash).  Makes me suspect Jerry Stahl wasn't involved in this
> one.  Last I understood he was an abstinence only, 12 step, big book thumper
> with nothing but disdain for using a drug to treat drug addiction.  As a 12
> step person myself I have to admit that there seems to be quite a bit of
> negativity to the idea of ibogaine in that community, which I think may be
> somewhat rooted in jealousy.  To them it might seem like an ibogaine
> treatment is just "too easy" and a person should have to suffer through a
> little more difficulty to really "earn" recovery.  But I am just shooting
> from the hip since I don't actually share any of those views.  Having
> suffered through withdrawals myself probably a dozen times, as in all the
> way through the physical part, and having also done ibogaine a few times, I
> would by far recommend the ibogaine to anyone who's health condition allows
> it.  But at the same time I also would not call it "easy" either.
> Anyway thanks for the heads up Dave,  If anyone wants to torrent the show
> you can get it here:
> http://www.h33t.com/details.php?id=bdee462a2c6404bbddf3fcdf3fc0b7ab131f90f0
> Matt
> Dave Brockman wrote:
>> Just caught this tonight, Law and Order special victims unit, the show
>> is called Users, ibogaine is featured heavily in the storyline, not
>> sure if this was another script by Jerry Stahl who did the truly awful
>> CSI ibogaine episode a few years back.
>> Clip:
>> http://www.nbc.com/Law_and_Order_Special_Victims_Unit/video/clips/users/1170456/
>> Or torrent it :-)
>> peace,
>> -broc
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