[Ibogaine] heroin and delayed ejaculation

michael langshaw mlangshaw67 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 1 08:25:54 EST 2009

I must addmit that sex after ibogaine atleast orgasms were the most intense feelings.

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hehe so frustrating. I just fractured my ankle badly in a bike
accident and have had my little run with opiates in the last week for
the first time. Sexually frustrated for sure. I think I broke my
partner's hand off...for nothing the other day.  You can get all
worked up opiates with no where to go. Oxy is kinda warm and fuzzy,
but whats the big whoop with opiates?   All it does is make me have
crazy sweats and heat spells. I see how people can get trapped easy
though with chronic pain and then addiction.
  Opiates are a CNS deppresant.   Also they lower dopamine and then it
"spikes serum prolactin, and excess prolactin activity (and all the
subsequent androgenic deactivation) is the cause of the sexual side
effects brought about by SSRIs." Opioids are analgesics and decrease
physical sensation.  Orgasms are an autonomic response.
Parasympathetic to load the gun, and sympathetic to point and shoot.
I would like to do better research, but i'm not about to right now!

now ibogaine will give you good sex....

On Sat, Oct 31, 2009 at 6:20 PM, Matthew Zielinski
<masterhermesbathory at gmail.com> wrote:
> Anybody know the scientific explanation why you can't cum when you are high
> on opiates?
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