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Jim Hadey jimhadey3 at yahoo.com
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Hi Dena,
You may like this video about ibogaine.  You can find it on thepiratebay.org
One Life Detox Or Die Ibogaine(BSLMasked).avi
Here's a link  http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/3654891/One_Life_Detox_Or_Die_Ibogaine(BSLMasked).avi
It is a torrent file.  If you are not able to get it I may be able to send it as
an attachment with Yahoo.  I do not know the Yahoo limit.  It is about 108,000 K
Best to ya,
  - JIM

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New to the forum and really have not figure it out, forgive me is this is not the correct way to use it.
I am considering doing the Ibogaine TX and would like some info. from those who have done it.
Reasons for looking into is of course opiate addiction, also cigarette addiction.  I have had some clean time in my 50 something yrs but not many.  I have tried everything... the last one was suboxone.. That was a big mistake.  Became addicted to that of course and to get off switch to short actings then oxycontin and what else I get.
I have read what I could find but have not met anyone in person.  I hate to fall for another miracle.
For those who have be treated this way...1) is it really effective as far as no with drawl and actually get a window of time that you do not crave them?
2)  Did you experience PAWS after the treatment?  How long after the treatment before you could return back to work at full capacity?
3)  I have read that the "dreams" actually enlighten you on why you continue relapsing knowing that its not the life you really want.  What give the opiate so much power over you even after a long period of time without ingesting dope?
4)  Were you able to quit smoking cigarettes with ease?
5)  I have read where lack of sleep follows treatment for extended period of time... during this time is the lack of sleep similar to the lack of sleep during and long after a detox from opiates?
Any info on what life was like after the TX.. as far as joy in life, producing endorphins and feeling "normal" and pre addiction.
Thanks for any feedback.
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