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Its not time yet.

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> I don't want to sound grim, but i think the new world order has already
> started. I don't think there is much anybody can do. I don't even think the
> US pres. is even of knowing mind about it. I just think its part of the plan
> that forces have for the world. I kind of believe its part of prophecy. I
> could be wrong though... Not get into too much into the whole religion
> thing, because frankly, I don't care for many those so called Christians my
> self, even though my family is pretty hardcore about it..... I don't think
> that was really a choice. Either way you voted in the US, set the stage for
> it.......... You could voted left, you could have voted right, either way
> you voted for the new world order......
> All one can do is min. the effect of one self to the best of one ability.
> I hope this post is ripped into too much, I'm just bsing really..... as I
> know religion and get pretty out of control just even saying one thing about
> it. and I don't and will not judge others for what they believe, this what i
> can't stand about the Christian faith, I fully understand anybody having a
> problem with it. You have to under growing up, I was mind fucked in
> believing the bible, so its just in me.... I couldn't really help it if i
> tried.... It just apart of me, does mean I like it though.... I believe
> people can choice to believe in what God they want to believe in, or not
> believe in one. I think that a little hardcore to not believe in any God,
> but who am I to judge anybody?????
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