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James Forristal psychonaut101 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 07:55:23 EDT 2009

That's why I kept the hydro's in my bag, when the pain get's bad enough for
me to be willing to put up with the side effects of emotional/mental and to
some degree physical withdrawal I have no problem using them.
I know you understood what I was saying from the get go.  I don't see
opiates as the devil etc.. they are just a tool, like any other chemical,
depending on how they are used they can be useful or they can kill you.

I've just happened to abused them in the past and being I have a butt load
of opioid receptors in my brain, and from previous experience I know just
how fast I latch onto that high and can easily start copping with life in
way I don't wish to.. so for temptation reasons I chose to make them a last

On top of this, I've tried to use tramadol even, with the same sort of
cravey, mood swingy bullshit that latest a good 4 days afterwards.. so even
that little bugger is not a tool I can use easily with my brain being in the
state it is.. haha

You can transcend any state of being you are in but being you know that
state of mind you can return to it with a quickness and sometimes due to
very irrational reasons.. this is why I put my focus on intentions and
motivations more so than I do the atomic structures and actions of myself
and others.  errr if that made any sense... I don't blame anything on "the
drugs" and I don't see saying FUCK as anything but expression, taboo's are

You hold a cookie over a kids head and they will obsess on it, same with sex
and drugs with a teenager.. but if you come with respect and love.. things
work out, even if it is after a period of self destruction on one parties
part ;)  It's how we learn baby!

I'm all ranty tonight,, if I lay down I bleed on my pillow, so I'll just
rant :P
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