[Ibogaine] Ibogaine and Mu Receptors

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A hell of a lot more; and more than we currently understand I think. This is one of the reasons the drug companies are not liking it one bit. Personally I dont see the point in getting drug companies involved; if it were up to me I would prefer to keep it in the hands of the people for the people. Sounds a bit communistic but what the hell. Can you imagine the price tag on treatments if they were done in hospitals?

Other than complex treatments or surgery I think we are quite capable of taking care of ourselves. the problem is a lot of people dont take that personal responsibility. The way people eat makes the point; I have never seen such a huge uprise in obesity. You would think being obese would be bad enough without having to tip the scales to "morbidly obese"; whats after that? Grotesquely-"I cant frigging believe this is humanly possible"-obese? 

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There is a lot of interesting research being done on just how it does what it does.  I'm not sure what the current understanding of it's action is.  With opiate addiction there is much more than opiate receptors needing to be adjusted, you've got dopamine and endrophin levels that are all sorts of whacked out, all those seem to get a balancing with ibogaine.

Being that after ibogaine, you also find your tolerance for caffeine and nicotine totally reset.  Giving you the chance to slow down or totally stop using either one of them... there seems to be a lot more going on with ibogaine and addiction that just direct opiate receptor adjustments.

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