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On Feb 22, 2009, at 6:51 AM, Patrick K. Kroupa wrote:

Yes, but ... how does this relate to emergent consciousness in photonic


You may as well ask, how does wave activity inside of neurons set off
cascades of neurotransmitters? Ibo involves visualizations. Visualizations
consist of neural activities in the visible wavelengths of light. QUANTUM
COHERENCE IN MICROTUBULES posited an explanation of consciousness as
light-based, so I included it in the Appendices of "Report on the Staten
Island Project." But I was the only one arguing that this should be part of
the discussion until Dorit Ron's findings surfaced and the implications of a
neurotropic factor that regenerates dendrites of dopaminergic neurons had a
chance to sink in.






Sorry I'm weeks behind and only scanning through and replying OT but, Dana,
did you know that this Hammeroff guy and his theory about microtubules are
now widely regarded as fantasy by other scientists working in this area? 



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