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Thanks Edward,
You see, it may reach so far into the "old" established society - the universities,
medical and more.  It is so hard to change the minds of the medical people.  For
example when they found out that stomach ulcers were not caused by a boss
yelling at an employee but from a bacterium, Helicobacter pylori (or H. pylori, for short),
it was years before they started treating them with antibiotics.  Now, you would
think there would be one doc who try it for the hell of it to see if it worked, after all
they have been using antibiotics for years.  But it took years before it was the
standard treatment for ulcers.  The same thing for weed and glaucoma they would 
rather give you a $20 pill with side effects that does not work as well.  Think of all
the people who suffered druing these years over something so simple and cheap.
I guess a lot of things don't make sense.  Oh well not much I can do.
Thanks for your comments,
  - JIM
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That is an interesting take on how Ibo could effect society as a whole. -- 

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