[Ibogaine] detox Rehabs in Tucson ?

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I think you need to be clear about the type of addiction or addiction to what?

There are alternatives and it is possible in some cases to use low doses which would not have the same stress a low dose would 

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anyone know a pain pill good detox place in the 
Tucson Arizona area ?
any experience with this place:
SAMHC Behavioral Health center
2502 N. Dodge B. Suite 190
Tucson, AZ. Ph 520-622-6000
the above detox place looked dirty with puke 
etc, staff had attitudes with some patients, not hiding it for outsiders to 
they also had a door open where everyone watched a 
poor dude get tied down in restraints
who was passive and saying "I didnt do anything 
really." they have you sign that restraints are ok, etc (its the law 
thx in advance for a close friend who is diagnosed 
with schizophrenia (risperdol makes him almost normal, wow otherwise he is 
completely gone) and cant do iboga, who also couldnt go into that place, 
they can keep you there for up to 6 weeks waiting 
for the better psychiatric hospital places and group homes 
many people cant do iboga due to heart and other 
conditions, so alternatives for them should be posted too, thx.
"Love converts hearts, and gives 

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