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Re: [Ibogaine] cost and safetyimo they could pile up traceable emails to show a pattern of behavior, its what a jury buys anyway...
in general, I am willing to put my name by some things that I want the public to contact me about, and not others, not too worried
but dont want to be part of a wrongful death suit because someone recommended a procedure, etc.
that could be a little careless if one is not somewhat vague, anonymous, etc

the traceability of email is easily done using the headers (see the header when you forward an email), but the spook systems that scan for stuff must be overloaded, so they work it off gradually, catching up somewhat later,
looking for key words you could guess, so spelling errors, foreign language expressions, and other weirdness
probably keeps em busy, or not.

the man is listening, thats fer sure. lets see when obama will fix. not holding breath, since janet's in charge of the border now,
she's a former prosecutor, the dickless man fer sure.

so I would warn that the more they can prove, its still the jury that would or not want to hang you
anyway, esp if a needle or kids are involved, or any xtal meth (cr ank) - a real bad one these days with juries.
so dont figure your safe if in those categories, since karma will catch up one way or another.
otherwise medical conditions are great excuses, when valid.

"Love converts hearts, and gives peace."

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  This is the first I've posted and wanted to say that if "the man" really cared about users so much they can find out easily. I would hope they have bigger priorities - especially with the changing of the guard so to say. How do they know if you're talking about your past or present too? There are statutes of limitations and I doubt any proof can be held accountable by saying someone using the same email as you claimed to be "shooting dope". How can they really prove it was indeed you who wrote that and not someone else with access to your account? In any other support group people speak somewhat candid. (I am not a fan of the NA 
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