[Ibogaine] gBust! Field of Pot Discovered via Google Earth

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Fri Jan 30 12:08:43 EST 2009

gBust! Field of Pot Discovered via Google Earth
Brennon Slattery, PC World
Jan 30, 2009 11:20 am

Put down that joint! Google -- and the police -- may be watching you.

Swiss police stumbled across a massive marijuana plantation using Google
Earth. The bust netted 16 arrests, 1.2 tons of pot, plus cash and
valuables worth 900,000 Swiss Francs (US$780,000).

The arrests were part of a larger operation, said the police. Officers
were using Google Earth to find the addresses of two suspects, then
coincidentally discovered two acres of weed hidden inside a corn field.

Frank Taylor of the Google Earth blog had a few interesting questions
about the case. He writes that the search was done in 2006, and
Switzerland wasn't updated in Google Earth until February 2007. "So, maybe
there was a high res image in [Google Earth] back in 2006 that was more
recent and did show the crop. I'd still like to know the location and see
the original image the police used that shows the crop."

Criminals take note: you're going to have to be an eensy bit cleverer in
this digital age.

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