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On the blog there are some good accounts of what can be achieved with a low dose; i just wish I could get more people to commit to writing about their experiences.

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I've only had the chance to do boosters of Ibogaine HCL, never the root bark.  This is something I was looking into to work with in the future but it's a logistical nightmare for where I make my home.  I'm quite familiar with the low dose effect and can see it could be quite powerful if it is used to it's full potential.  

I remember the afternoon after I took the 8mg/kg dose of the TPA of Iboga Alkaloids, which is still quite a high dose, but that left me looking deep into myself, and some of the perceptions of my being that I had a hard time looking at but it was there plain as day, looking back at me in the mirror.. no way to look away from it now without being outright fake.   I'm not sure I'd expect a teaspoon or even two to be that strong but I'm sure that sort of clarity and centering effect is still present in it's effects.  

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