[Ibogaine] cops and wiping out the planet with drug war chems

Randy Faulconer bicuitboy714 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 07:58:01 EST 2009

         Dana, these guys are prime candidents for the water reclamation
idea you have, if you get my drift.

             It's shit like this that make me wanna bury some SKS's and ammo
for them for future reference. I mean, if it comes right down to it, you
gotta fight fire with fire. Makes me nervous to just say these things in

           Peace Love and Night Vision Goggles

On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 4:30 PM, Dana Beal <dana at phantom.com> wrote:

>    On Jan 27, 2009, at 3:26 PM, DC from AZ wrote:
>  if it was legal then they would have had no reason to hit your ass with
> dope, no profit motive. besides you wouldnt need anothe rfix unless
> you had been using longer, so I dont think the story is complete.
> no doubt the war on some drugs has driven a real division in this country,
> too bad, the great divide... they handled the drugs thing better when it
> was in
> the sears catalog, and I think using a needle is being a pig personally,
> since it throws a much bigger jones into the picture ive heard.
> the dea ? they are the worst, sheriff joe came from their ranks. cant
> appreciate that, just dont see it, esp the ones who play both sides.
> a lot of them should be looking for work soon, eh obama ?
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> Donzo
> "Love converts hearts, and gives peace."
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> Unfortunately, spiritual Nazis like Sheriff Joe need a jobs program too.
> They're going to be the last people who are unemployed. I mean, you'd need
> a system collapse like E. Germany for them to join the Stasi in the dustbin.
> Much as a I'd like to see that, we're not there yet. It's just to easy to
> lock up druggies. A much more acceptable way of managing unemployment.
> During the '30's, Soviets had the GULAG. Nazis had Auschwitz. America had
> Hoovervilles.
> Dana/cnw
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