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Thu Jan 29 05:17:10 EST 2009

That was an interesting video, it was a bit dry and harsh.. i think even of
the aristocracy they probably view their plight with a language that is a
bit more fluffed for their own consciousness comfort than what he uses, but
there is something to the use of "human livestock", it just has a certain
ring to it.
I found the Adendum to Zeitgeist to be quite the film too, unlike the first
one, this one not only states the problem but also gives a possible answer,
a future that tends to say with the positive and creative aspects of
humanity.  Basically saying we have the technology and the heart to create a
heaven on earth right now, but we must choose to stop using each other to
assuage our selfish insecurities.

I've been asked by the more religious in the world what would stop us from
being "evil" to each other if it wasn't for some sort of god imposed
morality to keep people in line.  Never mind the obvious question of who is
the one to decide who and who isn't hearing the correct "voice of god" when
it comes to dogmatic divine messages vs. pathologies. Never mind that using
fear and submission to make a person act as they "should" changes the heart
just as precisely as open heart surgery with a butter knife.  The rational
mind and heart can sit down and think this problem out and come to the same
conclusion most of us have, that's if that mind knows how to think and is
motivated by truth, many of us just spend our lives learning what to think
and never exorcising how to think fundamentally.. the masses seem to like it
this way, we stay as eternal children looking for something to fallow in
constant paranoia and doubt of our "demonicly manipulated"
human consciousness.

I do believe there is an amount of self interest in the motivation for
helping others, but in my own experience I've noticed that when I focus on
the self interest to intensely I can easily find myself resenting others
because my expectations aren't being filled in a manor I find sufficient.
 I've come to understand you've got to do for others because you want to,
not because it's expected of you or that you are looking for a quid pro quo.
 It is a lesson I find a bit ruff as a learning experience because my
conditioned nature tends toward one of instant gratification and calculated
payoffs.  In this world's dynamics it's a lesson I sometimes need reminding

So I to agree with what your saying, I just feel caution must be spoken when
it comes to going about self interest, when you go at it even in the most
rational of ways, without a fundamental perspective of heart/empathy mixed
in it can easily become a game of calculation and manipulation.  We get side
tracked easily as the complexities of novelty take it's course in our
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